Random Time! - Philips responds to requests for CD-i Classic

While I'm sure Nintendo would like to forget their deal with Philips for Mario and Zelda CD-i games, their fans will never let it happen. Recently a tweet circulated on social media featuring a request for a CD-i Classic, in the style of what Nintendo has done with the NES/SNES. Surprisingly, Philips actually responded to the request favorably. I doubt this would ever happen, and I can't see Nintendo every giving their blessing on including those games once again, but I guess stranger things have happened!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


I'd much rather Nintendo just go balls to the walls Insanity with it, just make the whole entire experience memetastic. That's really all anybody would care about, plus Princess Zelda's first game as heroine!

Tue Sep 25 18 11:12am
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I would buy this in an instant

I would get it just because it would be one of the most hilarious retro-inspired items to own. XD


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