Nintendo will hold onto your Switch Online cloud saves for 6 months after you let your subscription lapse

We finally have a 100% definitive answer on just how long your cloud saves will stick around on Nintendo's servers if you let your Switch Online subscription lapse. IGN received a statement from a Nintendo spokesperson clearly stating the situation.

"If a Nintendo Switch Online membership expires, users won’t be able to access their Save Data Cloud backups. However, Nintendo will allow users who resubscribe within 180 days to access their previous Save Data Cloud backups."

Now that's a pretty healthy amount of time for Nintendo to hang onto those saves. Hopefully that's long enough for even the slowest of customers to re-up their Switch Online subscription and recover their cloud saves.

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Tue Sep 25 18 03:16pm
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To everyone who assumed that Nintendo was the evilist company ever and would immediately delete your cloud saves:


Tue Sep 25 18 03:16pm
Rating: 4

To everyone who assumed that Nintendo was the evilist company ever and would immediately delete your cloud saves:


Tue Sep 25 18 05:45pm
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Right? People get up on their soapbox before they even know what's what. Nuts.

Wish they said sooner before everyone jumped to conclusions. Now its pretty much the same as PSN in terms of cloud saves.

Eh, except Sony lets you back up all of your games to the cloud without exceptions. Until Nintendo can let me upload my Splatoon 2 data, I'll say they're close, but not the same.

Is your splatoon character on your console though? Or on their server? Any PS4 online games the save data is just preferences and stuff, your chars are on their servers.

Tue Sep 25 18 04:52pm
(Updated 2 times)

I don't really have an answer beyond speculation, however here's what I can understand on how Splatoon 2's online functions.

Your Splatoon 2 data is saved to your system, and when you go online, Nintendo's online servers pulls your character progression from this save data. Nintendo makes the argument that Splatoon 2 is not allowed cloud backups because if a player loses a ranked match they can just redownload a previous Save file and not lose their rank. So since Character progression is tied to the same save file that your single player progression uses that your octo expansion progression uses, that all of your weapons and clothing use. It can't be uploaded to the cloud and the player has the risk to lose all of there data if something misfortunate happens to their system. Its a harsh punishment on the player because of Nintendo didn't have the foresight to divide up the save files, so that character progression in online could be one save file and single player progression/Item acquisition be its own save file. (Kinda like what Rainbow 6 Seige did all the way back in 2015) The confusing part to all of this is that Nintendo does save your character progression separately on a server since this is the information the Splatnet2 App is pulling from, and this server saves literally everything about your character. But for some reason, this data is not what is being used when you go online? It's your local save data? Why save the players character to an online server and not pull from that data when they go online? And if they DO use that data on their online servers why isn't Nintendo letting players back up to the cloud? It makes no gosh darn sense in my opinion and at the end of the day, it just hurts the players.

There are other games that will not be allowed to backed up on the cloud like the upcoming Pokemon Games, because again "It prevents cheating" but I still feel that this is an arbitrary excuse on Nintendo's part.

Cloud yes. But PS4 lets you backup your saves to USB. Why can't nintendo just give us the simple option of backup to SD or USB.

Yes which is why I said in terms of cloud services. Idk why this option isn't available either.

Xbox provides it too. I don’t know why Nintendo is the only one that doesn’t.

People will claim it’s to stop hacking saves but that’s not the users problem and Microsoft and Sony don’t have a problem.

But what's the point of it if you still need to do a system transfer in the end? It's the same issue that the 3ds still has.

When it comes to Nintendo, patience is the key to happiness.

Tue Sep 25 18 03:37pm
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Nice, they did do one thing right.

It's still putting save backups behind a paywall though. So still kinda sneaky.

Oh I did not mean that they did save backups right. I meant they did the grace period for cloud saves right, just that bit.

Very sneaky wanting to get money for their services, damn you corporate Nintendo. They should all be like Facebook and just pay for the whole thing with stolen data and ads in our games.

Oh but now they're evil because it's not a whole year so we must complain more. 🙄

People complain because there is much to complain about. But we never hear people talk about the good stuff.

Like how Nintendo allows users to change usernames without paying for it. Or multiple people with the same username.

Right, there is not everything bad about Nintendo. To give an example, I myself really liked the idea of inventing an online mode without paying for it, as they did on 3DS and Switch or even on DS and Wii. Of course, nothing is immaculate, and so I can understand why the new, more improved online mode on Switch would be even better. That´s just basically why Nintendo needs the Money.

Plus if we pay money and something goes wrong with the service we have reason to reach out and complain then. I don't really understand the majority of complaints, it's not like it's remotely expensive for what we get out of it even if it's not everything many of us may have wanted. I think a lot of new Switch owners got the Switch cause it was the new thing and not because they really liked Nintendo or their games.

Well, I mostly agree with your opinion, but there is also this hype About every (mainseries) new Nintendo-Game, that let People think that Nintendo is something they can only experience completely with buying the Switch, a System better than WiiU and 3DS. So the reasons go Hand in Hand, I assume...

Wed Sep 26 18 08:23am
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Exactly. People aren't allowed to be positive about Nintendo, nah we must bitch and whine to the Max! 🙄

People are plenty positive about Nintendo. The fanbase is huge. Every type of fan is represented.

Unfortunately loud Echo Chambers of the entitled Vocal Minority are super present enough that they infect Social Media to where Nintendo themselves have to speak out.

<irrational rant> OMG what if I forget to resubscribe within 180 days of my subscription lapsing? Can’t believe Nintendo would so maliciously delete my saves </irrational rant>

That is quite literally the reaction people were making about this before.

Tue Sep 25 18 07:36pm
(Updated 1 time)

I was one of those people. They should have clarified this a week+ ago. Not had to have someone comment on it a week after the service actually launched. It wasn’t even included in the FAQs. Did they seriously think nobody wanted to know? -_-

I haven’t subscribed yet myself because I doesn’t seem worth it yet, but if and when I do, I’m thinking of the family plan so that any saves I use on secondary profiles get backed up too.

They should have been clear about this to begin with. Nintendo has really bungled the messaging on Switch Online. But at least it was finally laid out.

Nintendo is never clear on anything.

Tue Sep 25 18 06:25pm
(Updated 1 time)

Never got the uproar about this anyway. It wasn’t like the second your subscription lapsed you lost all of your data. You would just go back to having a single copy of it on your system. So then you could update your subscription, upload your data, and be in the same place as you would be without failing to keep paying the NSO fee.

Yeah, if you forgot to pay and then your Switch got hit by a meteor before you remembered to resubscribe, then you’d have a problem. But I don’t think that’d exactly be a common thing.

Either way, this is good practice and a nice thing to have.

Tue Sep 25 18 10:34pm
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That's exactly how i saw it as well. People moaning about something that you are highly unlikely to ever even need. It's the whole echo chamber fueled by youtubers getting on high horses creating uproar often for little or no reason thing.

Nintendo needs to illustrate this in a video by having Lakitu throw the Spiny out of the cloud.

But... Your save data is still on your console locally. If they delete the backup from their servers, you still have the most recent version of your save data on your console. Not sure why anyone cares.

This is good news but why didn't they just say this in the beginning and avoid all the bad publicity? Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot of problems with Nintendo Switch Online. This announcement may be a reaction to all the negative press.

Wed Sep 26 18 12:32pm
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The cloud save functionality is the one thing that I can hardly see as either the deal-giver or the deal-breaker for those willingly going to purchase a Nintendo Online subscription.

Still doesn't escape the fact that all the remaning features' magnitude is pretty much an embarassment beyond excuses, for the minimum yearly price they're asking for one year of (mainly peer-to-peer) online plan...

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