Bowsette modded into Super Mario 64

This Bowsette train shows no signs of slowing down. It's insane how quickly people can work up fan-art, but this is a completely different level. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of Nintendo's offices when they see things like this.

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Thu Sep 27 18 11:58pm
Rating: 8

I guess the downvoters don’t like seeing other people have fun with a meme. The internet is serious business.

I would say that no one asked for this... But someone paid for this mod to be a thing..

Thu Sep 27 18 11:04pm
Rating: 2

LOL at the downvotes. The meme's not going away, just deal with it.

It's a meme, it has a month at best.

I dunno. Tohru's longevity bodes well for Bowsette's.

If we're talking Dragon Maid Tohru, not really a meme, if you ask me. Unless there's some irony about it I didn't notice.

Thu Sep 27 18 11:54pm
Rating: 2

Yes, that Tohru, and no, no irony. Just observing how popular a sexy lizard woman can be. And memes don't necessarily fade; Waluigi for Smash is purely meme-driven.

I don't know who that is, but I know one thing and that thing is memes. They come in hot, and everybody acts like they're amazing and then in a month everyone hates them.

Personally, I only really like the Peachette idea for the potential to create "ette" versions of the whole smash cast, and all the possibilities that comes with that...though I guess I can see the appeal of someone being "cute" whilst also trying to be "scary" which is the vibe I get from most Bowsette art.

Wouldn't be opposed to Bowsette being referenced in a game, but since it's a meme, the character creating and crushing kind to be exact, I'd rather not open Pandora's Shrek DVD case.

Thu Sep 27 18 11:29pm
Rating: 1

Popularity might die down, but she's not going away. It's one thing to be a throw away meme, it's another to be someones waifu.

No it's not. "waifu" can be a harmless thing and many people need to get over it.

Fri Sep 28 18 08:59am
(Updated 1 time)

I'm not really sure what you're getting at. You either think that I meant she's a throw away meme (which isn't what I was getting at), or you think that no one sees her as waifu material (which people certainly do).

Thu Sep 27 18 11:58pm
Rating: 8

I guess the downvoters don’t like seeing other people have fun with a meme. The internet is serious business.

I think the problem is some people are starting to get tired of seeing Bowsette everywhere. It's like when Undertale, and MLP got real popular. And like the Bowsette meme, they were everywhere.

TBH, I'm more neutral to the meme, but I'll admit I do get a little annoyed seeing Bowsette everywhere. But I do enjoy some of the jokes that comes from the meme.

“Everywhere” seems like an exaggeration. Aside from a few articles like the ones on GoNintendo, I haven’t seen a whole lot of Bowsette stuff on the regular sites I visit. Granted, as a rule I steer clear of Twitter. I’ve really only seen content on websites that are less..... mainstream.

Heh, since you mention Twitter, Bowsette stuff started to pop up a lot on Tumblr. But then again, that shouldn't be a surprised. But yeah, you're right about Bowsette stuff is not being common on regular sites. But social media like Twitter, and Tumblr, That's a different story. That would include art sites like deviant art too.

It’s anecdotal but I asked a friend if he knew anything about Bowsette. He’s a Nintendo fan and fairly active on the internet. He didn’t know anything about it. Leads me to believe it’s not nearly as widespread as it might seem to some.

Some people don't pay attention to memes. But however, just because one people is not aware of the Bowsette meme doesn't prove it's not wide spread. After all, your friend is not the only Nintendo fan who's fairly active on the internet.

Does this mean she's going to show up at the next AGDQ?

Fri Sep 28 18 12:26am
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

Oh no, people are enjoying this character in a way I don't like, and I do not like that. *cries*

Sarcasm BTW, and if someone likes this character, even like likes, it's not my problem, and any good person would likely think like that too. XD

Bowsette looks like she is trying to find out which door has the crapper behind it.

Underrated comment. Those bandy legs looks like there's some gut struggling going on.

Thanks man. The Mario animations that the animation is based on in this mod didn't translate to this too well.

Fri Sep 28 18 12:56am
Rating: 2

Great. Now I have to figure out how to play Mario 64 with one hand.

What, no boob jiggle? I'm offended. ;)

TBH, it's a neat little mod.

Poor Super Mario 64, always a victim of rape by modders.
I cannot stand this anymore. My favorite game is being abused.

Fri Sep 28 18 03:38am
Rating: 1

I can’t tell if you’re being deliberately absurd or not.

"Someone paid me to do this"

If you say so.

It's how he makes his living, believe it or not.

In the December Smash Direct she will be announced as the new fighter.

These people are ruining a great character. Sick!

Okay, I seriously wish I had took a screenshot of it, because the last time I checked, the rating for this post went from a negative 8 to a positive 3. You guys are calling people out for not accepting memes and taking it seriously, but unless one of the webmasters decided to reset the scoreboard, some of you folks here are clearly obsessed.

If you click the number next to the thumbs you get to see who voted what. (Spoiler: There's a LOT of votes)

Then I stand by what I said in one of my previous posts:
"Bowsette was a mistake."


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