Artist admits to pilfering the N64's logo for an upcoming museum

The Inner Mongolia Nature Museum was looking for a new logo, which meant considering all sorts of designs. The one above was proposed, and it certainly raised a few eyebrows of Nintendo fans. The designer of the logo said it was inspired by the endless cycle of Nature...and then admitted it was heavily inspired by the N64 logo. He ended up retracting the design and apologizing for stealing from Nintendo's logo.

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He tried to justify the theft by declaring “It belongs in a museum!” ;)

He probably thought no one would notice

I was going to defend it as just playing with the same form, but it really is an exact copy, down to the angles and depth of the letters. Like compare the underside of the N on the lower right. He could've at least tilted it differently or something.

It just goes to show there's no improving on the N64 logo, I guess

Mon Oct 01 18 02:01am
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Not to be “Nintendo is teh kiddy!” but I never cared much for then N64 logo because of the color scheme. It had a very fisher price feel to it.

I really liked the GameCube logo. I feel it was an under appreciated design.

Those four primary colors were "Nintendo's colors" since the Super Famicom. Their controller buttons in Japan were those colors. The N64's buttons were those colors. The GC had those colors, minus the blue.

There was nothing wrong with the N64 logo. It was iconic.

And besides........

I don’t like the PlayStation logo either. I prefer the SNES controller over the Super Famicom, Grey joycons over those horrid red and blue. Nothing against color - I like colorful games - just not colorful hardware and logos.

A thief apologising for stealing a logo..never saw that coming.

Geez, at least try to steal subtly…

Those N64 Trademarks really come in handy...


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