Team Sonic Racing promotional material lists the game with a 2019 release

Is Team Sonic Racing going to get bumped back into 2019? IgroMir Expo, a Russian convention, is offering up promo booklet to showcase what games are on display at the event. Team Sonic Racing is part of the booklet, and the page clearly lists that the title is coming out 2019. Is this just a mistake by the publisher of the booklet, or will we see the game slip to next year?

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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The lack of info/hype recently would lead me to believe so.

With Sumo Digital leading the charge, it seems like it'll at least be a solid game. But it feels like it's missing something.

If they delayed it to add more polish and speed to the game I wouldn't mind. Got enough games to play this year anyway. Also they could delay it and add more track variety THAT would get me hyped. Instead of 3 tracks each spread across 7 locations. How about 21 tracks all based on a different unique Sonic locale?

I hope it does get delayed. As it stands, it just looks boring in comparison to Transformed.

They never said 2018, they just said Winter. Either way, Im happy it's 2019 because that's more time to work on it. I hear that it's better than what the advertising has shown but still not as good as Transformed.

Sun Oct 07 18 07:32pm
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They never said 2018, they just said Winter.

I came here to say the same thing. When the game was first announced it had a Winter release date, and since Winter technically doesn't start until December 21 I had been expecting a 2019 release from the start.


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