Nintendo Labo Creators Contest Australia - winners revealed

What the Nintendo Labo development team said:

"We were completely blown away by the sheer scale, complexity, and faithfulness of this life-size reproduction of the Master Cycle Zero. If that wasn't enough, it has a headlight, and even includes a customised Toy-Con Motorbike, so you can ride exactly the same motorbike in-game too! We'd love to take it for a spin!"

Now that's one hell of a crazy Toy-Con creation! Not surprised to see that sucker take home a prize. If you want to see what other Toy-Con submissions were singled out, check out the full list of winners here.

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Not watching the video but that Master Cycle Zero looks awesome, it doesn't appear to be made of cardboard. Isn't that a big part of Labo?

Very impressive. Usable to play Mario Kart too.
Apart from the small internal frame to support the weight of someone sitting on it and a small LED light, all the exterior is cardboard.

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