Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for Oct. 12th, 2018

[Event] A new event is now live: the Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt. (available until October 23rd)

[Log-in Bonus] To celebrate the launch of the Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt, all players can get the following as Special Log-in Bonus: Eevee hood (available until November 12th)

[Goals] Two new sets of Timed Goals are now live: Poké Ball Hunt (available until October 23rd)

[Shovelstrike Quarry] While the Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt is running, you can get Poké Balls from the Shovelstrike Quarry (though only when the icon is displayed on the map) (available until October 23rd)

[Store] During the Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt event, two special packs are available for purchase in the in-game Store (only purchaseable once, available until October 23rd):
Poké Ball Hunt Pack S: Leaf Ticket x20, Poké Ball x10
Poké Ball Hunt Pack L: Leaf Ticket x180 (160+20 Bonus), Poké Ball x25

[My Nintendo] A new reward is now available: [Limited Time] 20 Leaf Tickets (price: 300 Platinum Coins, only redeemable once) (available until October 23rd)


I don't see the point. It would be like Fritos doing a cross promotion with Lay's.

The other problem is that apps these days like to constantly run special events. This means users are always under pressure. On the rare occasions when special events are not running, everyone's so burnt out they don't even want to touch the app.

Crossovers = creatively bankrupt. It's purely for marketing but even though Link showed up in Mario Kart 893, that doesn't mean he's Mario canon. Yes, Pokémon licensing was dirt cheap but what's the point? Are they trying to lure the four or five Pokémon fans who weren't already doing AC/PC? Are they trying to draw burnt-out AC/PC users back to get burnt out again?

I suppose the idea might be to give Pokémon fans a taste of the Animal Crossing experience but AC/PC is so diametrically opposed to Animal Crossing's philosophy they might as well call it Anti-Animal Crossing.


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