These Super Mario Land X Air Jordan IVs will only set you back $1,350

Only 10 pairs in existence, and each pair is $1,350 a pop. Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks line always offers up pricey fashion, and these Super Mario Land X Air Jordan IVs are no different. What do you get for $1,350? Well...the buttons can actually be pressed, not that they do anything. It takes a lot of cash to look...good?

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These look fresh... but they are just shoes...

I bet it can survive an atomic bomb.

Lol, that would be cool to see.

They look terrible in my opinion.
Also I'm pretty sure they're just originally shoes that cost a grand total of 5$ production cost out of a factory somewhere in the third world. And I'm not even touching on the social commentary there. I mean I'm guilty of that too and I buy shoes made in china or whatever on a regular basis. It's just that the price of admission is really insane when we stop and consider the original material here and the amount of work that's been done.


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