Smash Bros. Ultimate - main menu loop

While this isn't an official Smash Bros. Ultimate blog update, it's still very much welcome! Put on some headphones and enjoy a clean rip of the main menu theme in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Man, it does a great job of getting you pumped to fight, doesn't it?!

Thanks to Kolma for the heads up!


We finally have something that outclasses Menu 2, and it's beautiful.

Finally! A theme that actually gets me pumped to play some smash!

It's so epic and fitting for a celebration of the series.

"Everyone is here!!"

Reminds me of Blazblue's character select musics.

Where's this from? Was it in a trailer or something?

Ouch so much treble and overall very fuzzy ! ^^
I hope the real version is better balanced, otherwise the composition itself is terrific.

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