NBA Playgrounds yanked from the Switch eShop

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is now available on the Switch eShop for all to grab. You might think you now have the tough decision of grabbing the first or second game, but Saber Interactive has made the choice easy for you. Without any explanation, NBA Playgrounds has been removed from the Switch eShop. We have no idea if the game is going to return, so as of right now, your only option is the sequel.

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The first NBA Playgrounds game is unavailable in all digitale stores (steam, ps4, xone, switch) ... I think it's 2K that want us to buy this with microtransactions Sad

Wed Oct 17 18 05:42am
Rating: 1

No way I'm getting this microtransaction filled garbage. 2k has ruined what was once a good thing.

They probably don't want it on the store if it doesn't have the 2K in in it's name.

This is a real dick move. The 1st game is a better deal since it doesn't have forced micro-transactions and they know that, so that's why they removed it. Sad

I didn't know microtransactions were required.

Wow this is shockingly anti-consumer. Digital games... what are you gonna do?

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