Rainway's chances of coming to Switch seem less and less likely

When the team behind the Rainway app came forward with their idea, they made it very clear that they wanted to support Switch. This point was driven home by the first real trailer for the app, which featured the Switch heavily.

Ever since then, it seems like the chance of the app actually coming to Switch has been dropping, which has enraged quite a few fans. Now in an interview with Nintendo Life, Rainway CEO Andrew Sampson gives an update on the situation, and it seems like things aren't looking too good.

NL: Are your discussions with Nintendo ongoing at present?

AS: We are in talks with a lot of people regarding the future of Rainway but are only commenting on things that are currently in active development and near implementation. We’ve changed up how we communicate with our fans, and detractors, by focusing more on what’s coming now versus what we have planned for the long term, both confirmed and not. It would seem like Switch is the 'dream' platform for you guys, as it would allow players to access their games even when they're out of the house and use proper physical controls.

NL: Given that there's a chance that the Switch port may never happen, do you think in hindsight it was a good idea to include the Switch in your promotional trailer?

AS: I wouldn’t say we have a dream device. It all comes down to a user's needs and our ability to meet them. I resonate a lot with what the Switch has to offer, and I think the idea of “playing anywhere” fits with our mission quite a bit. I believe we could have done a better job communicating that our “First Look” trailer was a concept for our vision and understand why some people were confused by it.

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Reminds me of that DemaSked online project that was supposed to be released on the original DS. Lots of talk, no results.

This was a dumb promotional stunt with no real goal in mind, end of story. I think the fact that they blocked a reporter from Nintendo Enthusiast casually asking about the project, just for asking shows what kind of devs these guys are. At the very least, don't use the damn switch in your trailers, if you don't even have a devkit to port the app over with.

they blocked a reporter from Nintendo Enthusiast casually asking about the project

When did this happen? I don't recall.

Here you go: https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/2018/09/05/will-rainway-ever-come-to-the-switch/ They unblocked him after backlash, and companies do have that right if consumers harass and haggle them, but if a reporter wants to ask a basic question, that’s not a good outlook

Thank you for the link. Smile

It's gone from 0% to -1%!!!

I think its time to stop covering Rainway
if switch isn't a focus anymore is a dream that's not in active development, then don't cover them till Switch-related news comes out

They were suspect from the beginning. I was always trying to figure out if they got in touch with Nintendo and got approved, but could never find anything about it so I wasn't getting my hopes up.

I seriously wish this was a thing on the switch. I have games on steam i rather play in undock mode, but would never rebuy em on the eshop.

It's a dream, but we shouldn't have our hopes up.


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