Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Version 1.1 to 1.2 comparison

Panic Button has already done some amazing work with Switch games, but the more impressive technical work comes with subsequent updates to their games. Check out the difference between Version 1.1 and 1.2 of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to see what I mean. There's a very noticeable upgrade in visuals between the two versions. It's crazy to think they can keep squeezing better performance out of the Switch with games like this!


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Hire a software developer to work on hardware? Not sure that would work out so well. They are two different skill sets.

Moment, warum benutzt Version 1.2 die Deutsche Version des Spieles? *ahem* - pardon - why is the 1.2 from the German version of the game (and not the intl.)?

Warum nicht? Ist die Deutsche version nicht so gut wie die andere?

Dear Nintendo, hire Panic Button to work on Switch revision. That is all.

Hire a software developer to work on hardware? Not sure that would work out so well. They are two different skill sets.

Pretty sure the people who made the OS and have direct access to the hardware team are better programmers than Panic Button when it comes to Switch, no matter how good Panic Button is, and Panic Button seems to be very good.

But also... not sure why software developers would work on hardware....

Holy crap it's day and night !

Still has that classic Panic Button muddiness, but at least the average resolution has been slightly bumped.

If for the future that allows them to get the better level of performance right at launch, it bodes well for future ports I say.

Didn’t 1.1 mess up the resolution to begin with?

A trash game is still trash :P

Wow. That is like a leap from composite to HDMI. Pretty impressive stuff!

Not only a significant resolution bump, but much better textures in some places. Was this a large download?

This is astonishing. I'm reminded of Digital Foundry's analysis that the Switch version didn't really remove effects as compared to the PS4/XBO version, instead letting the dynamic resolution do it's thing for a decidedly fuzzy looking game. I wonder if they made some smart cutbacks to get these results. I call them "smart" because the updated version looks entirely better to me.

Seems like higher rendering resolution on average, higher resolution textures, higher resolution shadow maps, better texture filtering, and even increased use of bump mapping!
Thats a pretty massive upgrade, especially on top of the resolution increase!

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