Wario Land 3 hack adds in a 'Master Quest' mode

Man, remember when the Wario Land series was at thing? I'd love to see Nintendo release a new installment, but that doesn't seem too likely nowadays. While we wait for Nintendo to change their minds on that, one fan decided to hack together a new challenge for Wario Land 3 fans. The hack adds in a 'Master Mode,' with multiple levels modified to up the difficulty. New enemy placement, power-ups moved around, and other small tweaks to give you more of a challenge. While I'm sure Nintendo won't be happy these kind of tweaks are going on, I'm hopeful it'll show them that fans want more classic Wario!

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

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Thu Oct 18 18 07:54pm
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Nintendo won't make another Wario Land because they want people to keep thinking Wario is about fart jokes and erratic bite motions.

Heaven forbid people remember that Wario had his own moves, hats, equipment, etc. and then demand more of the ridiculous BS that is Wario's Super Smash Brothers character.

Wario Land 4 on GBA was a fantastic game.

Couldn't agree more. I love the series overall and I can't wait for Nintendo to finally reveal one. I don't even care if the visuals aren't as appealing as the others, just gimme a new Wario Land game Nintendo!

The Shake Dimension is a fantastic game that takes the character seriously and was released after Brawl and after the Wario Ware series started. The Wario Ware series itself shows that Wario is more than fart jokes and it's ongoing.

I agree completely. I think you have misread my comment. It was directed entirely at Smash Brothers, not any actual Wario game.

I didn't and don't blame Wario Ware for what Wario is in Smash, and I'm obviously grateful for Wario Land completely ignoring what Smash did to him. I don't know who or what to blame, I just know when I was growing up Wario got power from his own muscle and from a lot of really cool caps. This is why I wanted him in Smash. He's been in for a while and I roll my eyes every time I see him. They can say he's somehow based on Wario Ware but I don't remember nuclear fart explosions in Wario Ware. Maybe I didn't play the right one, or maybe his Smash characterization is just garbage and won't go away.

Yeah that was not an attack or anything of that sort, I was just hoping to pint out a couple games that use the old Wario that we love from Wario Land to try to show that Nintendo still knows Wario has different personas. Even after the treatment of the character in Smash. I agree with you by the way, even if I think he is kind of funny I also thought that the amount of vulgarity somehow skyrocketted with the SB version, and I also thought that wasn't faithful 100% to the character. I was kind of surprised tbh. Even the bite moves, where does that come from ?


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