Nintendo's latest newsletter contains stats based on your Switch playtime

Now this is a really cool feature! Nintendo's latest email newsletter contains a little snippet that's all about you and your playtime on Switch. You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the email to get your stats. The snippet above comes from my own email! Looks like I need to start playing something other than Fortnite!

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Sat Oct 20 18 06:47am
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Just bring back the Activity Log please...

Sat Oct 20 18 06:47am
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Just bring back the Activity Log please...

Sat Oct 20 18 07:17am
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And maybe more choices than black and while for the "themes". The Switch i
OS is still 10 steps back from what the 3DS could do.

This is one of the things I love about the 3DS. It even has the medal crown of which is the highest to the lowest.

What’s wrong with the activity log on Switch?

Tells you how long you’ve played. What more do you really want?

-Only does so for the most recent games you've played
-Doesn't give exact playtime, just "____ Hours or more"
-Doesn't give any of the averages, ranks, etc that 3DS had
-Parental Controls App is slightly better but for some dumb reason it prefers the amount of times you've opened an app over how long you've played it, and while that info is also available it's not done in the same manner

So yeah, very inferior to the 3DS Activity Log, and arguably a bit inferior to the Wii U's activity log. Then again, the activity log is the least of the Switch UI's issues.

I guess I’m in the minority then because I don’t think the Switch has many, if any UI issues. It’s my favourite console UI thus far. Quick, simple, gets me to my games and isn’t cluttered.

You’re not in any minority, these guys are just Wii U stans.

WiiU's Activity Log was kinda crappy too actually. It's the 3DS that's the Activity Log king.

Dang, only 2 hours in the past 90 days. Switch is definitely having a big sophomore slump for me.

I get this and more on my Wii U. ☺

151 hours in the past 90 days. Not that surprised, I just graduated college and got my first full-time job, and a full-time job can really suck up your motivation to play games. But I'm slowly adjusting and getting some quality game time in, especially during the weekends.

Most played game of the year is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Judging by the amount of hours I poured into it according to my save files, I'm not shocked, especially since it counts the Torna expansion as well.

(I know this is off-topic, but it's been bothering me a lot recently; has anyone else been getting a voice message stating something about updating your video player for Android and being immediately redirected to that app on the Play Store? It only occurs when I visit Gonintendo on Chrome for Android. Now there's another one relating to Android Device Cleaner and Booster. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the ads allowed on this site.)

Yes. And these kinds of ads aren't supposed to be part of the site.

Two years ago it was filled and littered with redirect scam ads when I used iOS and Safari. Told RMC about it and he was very aware (and I think he eventually fixed that issue) but I had to turn on adblock on all my devices because that was happening on most forums I visited. Sometimes spammers or scammers will hijack Javascript into certain ads and that causes redirects and crud like that to take place. Honeypot PHP would kill it if this was a contact form we were talking about, but I don't know what to do about ads hiding. Let RMC know for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's as frustrated with this as we are

Sat Oct 20 18 12:17pm
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Didnt get anything like that in recent newsletters. That must be exclusive to North America.

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