Just Dance 2018 through 2014 losing online multiplayer on Nov. 19th, 2018

You better get your fill of online action with older Just Dance titles while you can. Ubisoft is killing online multiplayer for the following Just Dance titles on Nov. 19th, 2018.

- Just Dance 2018
- Just Dance 2017
- Just Dance 2016
- Just Dance 2015
- Just Dance 2014

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Huh. That’s really strange. I can understand ending support for the older games - but 2018 too?

Sun Oct 21 18 05:32am
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According to the source link, it only affects the Wii version. Which makes more sense.

Yeah, but that's pretty lousy of them to even put online in a Wii version if they were planning to cut support. They had to have a timeline for this.

Sun Oct 21 18 02:37am
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Is there some kind of subscription for just dance ? I don't play just dance but they shouldn't end online support for 2018 it's too soon

Fuuuuuu... ...SION! HA!

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