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Developer Virtuos crafts a unique port for Switch with its own pros and cons. At its basis, this is the original 360/PS3 version of the game with none of the visual embellishments seen in the PS4 remaster - besides the change to a dynamic 1080p while docked. However there's more to this version than first meets the eye, as Tom explains.

Update: Switch's GPU runs at 768MHz in docked mode - as opposed to the 968MHz mentioned here. This drops by 39% GPU power in its handheld state, to 307Mhz, which is correct in the analysis.

Switch's take on Dark Souls is mixture of good and bad, but it's clearly a success on balance. The main cause for concern is the compromised audio quality, which is glaring if you prefer to play with headphones. Otherwise, users should jump into this version expecting the original Xbox 360 or PS3 experience, tuned to run at a more solid 30fps and at a higher resolution to boot.

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Sun Oct 21 18 04:41pm
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This game is NOT the remastered version. It's basically a 360 port with less visual effects and horrible audio quality. This is not the Dark Souls "remastered" that was promised to us. Only buy it if you want a decent DS game on the go, otherwise, the other versions are far better.

I am too picky to enjoy things, the post!

So... You're saying the PS4 version looks better and this is a compromise that is only better if you want to be able to play it handheld? Well, that's the case with every game released on both platforms.

Sun Oct 21 18 04:57pm
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Oh cool. I saw the comparisons when the PS4/XBO version was coming out and thought the new look lost a little of its artistic flair. Happy accident for me that the Switch looks like the original Smile

I'd love to see the audio patched up, though.


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