Random Time! - Elon Musk calls Instagram the 'Zelda of social media'

I don't even know what this means. I can't keep up with all the Elon Musk weirdness going on lately. I get what Musk is saying about Twitter and Dark Souls. We all know Dark Souls is referred to when someone is talking about the darkest, most challenging version of something. As far as comparing something like Instagram to Zelda, I'm at a loss!

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Instagram - the "Zelda: Faces of Evil" of Social Media

Oh god now even Musk is joining the "Compare everything to Dark Souls" band wagon.

I mean thats because its a joke at this point.

He's way late to the party. Same thing with smoking weed on Joe Rogan. Oh, you're a billionaire who smokes weed, cool.

Qualitative comparisons are weird. Will Twitter be the Call of Duty of social media? Will Facebook be the Fortnite? Will Vine be the Wario Ware?

I think he's complimenting instagram by comparing it to the newest, most inviting, and critically acclaimed out of those 3 games (that would be botw).

But since this is a subjective take, someone could reach a much different conclusion.

He's just pandering cause no one pays attention to his space ships anymore.

While I’ll agree some of Musks twitter actions of late are dumb, your comment about no one paying attention to his space ships is infinitely dumber.

Twitter, as you noted, is dark and challenging.

Reddit, like Bloodeborne, can be also be challenging and cynical, but is more forgiving than Twitter.

Instagram is open, fun, and friendly to all. Like Zelda.

If Twitter was a drug test then Elon Musk just failed it.

See? I can torture analogies too! :>

Zelda is very often one of the most "non-gamer girlfriend" friendly gamer game. Most people I know on Instagrams are women. He's probably referencing this.
(wew! what was a mouthful!)

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