Level-5's cancelled PSP title Ushiro gets revived for Switch

All the way back in 2008, Level-5 was working on a horror title for the PSP called Ushiro. That game ended up getting cancelled, and not a peep has been heard since. That is, until this week's issue of Famitsu. The magazine has a Level-5 scoop that confirms the game is back in production, and now it's coming to Switch.

We'll have to wait for the full magazine feature to pop up online to get details, but at the very least, it's exciting to know this once-dead project is getting a second chance at life!

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Oh my god! I remember this, I was so disappointed. This is amazing news!

This is the kind of good news I like. It would be a great trend if more companies picked up games that went uncompleted on other consoles. Scalebound, maybe, please?

Tue Oct 23 18 09:01am
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This is indeed good news!
I have been following this game sinds it was announced, till it was cancelled...

Port of a portable game that were not even released! Now this is a new low Nintendo /s

The door is behind you.

Tue Oct 23 18 10:53am
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I know of Poe's law and whatnot, but I even went as far as indicating the sarcasm with "/s"... Anyway, to make it veeeery clear, I am also a sucker for anything level 5, so I'm excited about this (even though I've never heard of the game before)

It's always so interesting when long dead projects like this are revived so many years later. I look forward to seeing how much it has changed since its last appearance.

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