Elder Scrolls Online 'will not work' on Switch because the the game is too big

The team behind Elder Scrolls Online would love to bring the game to Switch, but there's one thing stopping them. According to Game director Matt Firor, ESO is simply too big.

"We have thought about Switch but ESO is an enormous game, and it just will not work. I would love for it to because I love Switch. It is one of the largest games ever made, and it just will not fit on Switch."

File sizes have already been an issue for some retail Switch games, forcing users to download large chunks of content to play the game. That said, I feel like there could be a workaround to get ESO on the Switch, but what do I know?!

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No one wants worst elder scrolls waifu.

That’s an honest, appropriate answer.

....but what about Oblivion? That’d be awesome.

Does anyone legitimately like that game?

It's not bad, but it lacks all the "life" of games like Skyrim.

I'd like more great games for Switch i deed, but I don't want them to shoehorn in games that just wouldn't work properly on it or need too big sacrifices.If it won't fit on a cartridge for one thing, better keep it off the Switch, unless they're willing to go with the appropriate cartridge size.

Even too big if they use the biggest cartidge?

Fri Oct 26 18 06:22am
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Wonder if it would fit if Nintendo didn't skimp on the onboard storage and game paks.

3rd parties are going to run out of last gen games to try to port pretty soon.

So does this mean that the Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to Smash? Sakurai is the master of making things that are too big work in Smash. :P

I feel like this has to do with Switch's built in 32 GB, a good portion of which is taken over by the OS. A news story I found put it at just below 26 GB for the user, but it could be worse on the current firmware.

If the game likely won't come in under 26 GB, then I guess there's a fear it will have a limited audience. I doubt it would have much of an effect, but yeah, I've seen my roommate play some ESO and somehow it seems less interesting than Skyrim, which I'm not interested in.

The game is 70GB on pc, so yeah, the problem is filesize

Fri Oct 26 18 02:19pm
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On the PS 4 it's at 100GB so it's definitely the size

File sizes usually end up 40-50% smaller on Switch with compression it uses. So it would end up being around 50-60GB.

NBA 2K18 ended up over 70GB with all the updates.
NBA 2K19 is already around 50GB with just a couple of updates and will end up near 100GB.

But then i'm not sure they are talking just about file size when they say "The game is too big"

Just how many last gen games are going to be ported to the Switch anyways?

Don't you know? Switch is the goose because third parties know Switch owners are desperate.


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