Nintendo president wants more DLC for already-released 'big' games, more focus on online play, and more game diversity

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has shared a statement following today's Q2 earnings result. He's offered up a simple message to show where the Switch is now, how they plan on keeping momentum going, and what they'll do to woo in new players.

"We need continuous growth. We must keep releasing new software. That includes DLCs and other contents for big titles that are already out. And more focus on online play. Lastly, more genres and diverse games to draw in people who don't currently play on Switch."

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Couldn't agree more.

Nintendo has done doc fairly well so far, and I'd love to see them carry on with this. Give me more mario kart 8 DLC, and get cracking on that Smash Bros Season pass.as long as it's done well I'm all in.

If you focus all your development efforts on DLC, there won't be "diversity" in the games released. Don't focus too much on DLC, we need new games please. I agree though, some MK8 dlc would be welcome. If only to give owners of the previous version incentive to get the newer version, though that may require a new retail release when all is said and done, like a Ultra Deluxe cartridge or something.

Odyssey please? Another destination or two would be nice.

To be honest, Nintendo does DLC better than any other developer out there.

And yet people bash them for it when it comes to echoes mostly...

Tue Oct 30 18 10:13am
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I know they said no more DLC for BotW but I would be down for more DLC. They should make DLC for all of their highest selling software, which was listed recently. More exclusivity would be good too. Like a Nintendo exclusive Fallout or things more in the vein of Starlink where the Switch version has exclusives.

No substantial Mario Kart DLC yet is criminal. I imagined they’d forgo a Mario Kart 9 for Switch and treat MK8 Deluxe as a platform and expand it routinely with new characters, karts and tracks. I remember they said it’d see more updates, hopefully they go all in on it at some point soon.

They have seven games' worth of tracks they could remaster and sell, and I would spend a ridiculous amount of money to get as many as they offered.

Yeah Mario Kart 8 Deluxe REALLY needs some fresh new tracks as DLC. I've put at least 400 hours between both the Wii U and Switch versions and the novelty has worn off I need NEW content. Of course Smash is bound to get DLC probably to promote Switch titles like ARMS, Xenoblade 2, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Pokemon 2019.

I certainly hope the more focus on online doesn't reduce the number of games that offer 4 player local mp. Local mp is my favorite way to play and is why Switch is my favorite console this generation.

Yes! I fully support this! DLC for Mario Kart and Odyssey would do really well. I'd definitely buy it!


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