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SEGA AGES dev tease implementing originally-cut features for Sonic 2, say Dreamcast games are 'definitely' coming, and talk SEGA AGES: Season 2 hopes

by rawmeatcowboy
01 November 2018
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In the same Game Watch interview with M2’s CEO Naoki Horii, Sega producer Kagasei Shimomura and director Rieko Kodama, we learn a lot about the SEGA AGES line in general. Check out those tidbits below.

- the team took their time with these titles as they didn't want to do half-baked ports
- the staff at M2 now have a good grasp of how Switch’s hardware works with after wrapping three SEGA AGES games
- it’s impossible to bring all games initially announced by the end of 2018 like originally planned
- M2 is currently working on Sega Ages Virtua Racing
- they’re doing a lot of research on how the game’s code works
- the next one they’re planning to do that was programmed by Yuji Naka is Sonic the Hedgehog 2
- the team might include things that Yuji Naka wanted to do in Sonic 2, but couldn’t because of the Genesis' limitations
- with Virtua Racing, they’ll reproduce the original arcade version and improve it
- the team is using a functioning Sega Model 1 arcade system board for research
- they could even make a Switch version of Model-1’s Star Wars Arcade game if they had the authorization
- they’re making something “that’ll allow everyone to play Virtua Racing together”
- they're also working on something to “play Sega games on Switch in a good environment”
- the team will definitely release some Dreamcast games on Switch at some point
- there's a particular game 3 of the devs love and want to replay, so they’re currently working it
- once they’re done releasing 15 games like they initially announced, it’ll mark the end of the “Season 1” of old SEGA AGES
- they plan on doing a Season 2 as well
- Thunder Force AC, the arcade version of Thunder Force III, uses much more colors and has additional stages
- with Gain Ground, Horii got “super exciting” Twitter DMs from a hardcore fan of the game that may help with the Switch version
- the results of the TGS 2018 survey showing 30 games that fans want to see remade for Sega Ages is being considered
- these titles would be part of Season 2
- there are no plans for the first 3 Virtual-On games on Switch yet, but the team would love to do it