Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers get mashed-up with Avengers: Infinity War, and the results are pretty fantastic

Today's Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct gave us a trailer for the 'World of Light' single player content, and it had a vibe and some ideas that definitely reminded quite a few fans of Avengers: Infinity War. One fan was so inspired by the similarities that he took the audio from an Avengers: Infinity War trailer and edited a bunch of Smash Bros. Ultimate content together into a pretty fantastic tribute. I know I'd go see this in the theater!


Fri Nov 02 18 02:27am
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After seeing the trailer, thought of the movie, and in reaction videos, some exclaim out,"They been Thanos'ed!" ot that Thanos is confirmed in the game Smile I was waiting to see when someone would post a video connecting the game and movie....just sooner then I expected.

Fri Nov 02 18 05:01am
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This is pretty cool Smile The voice over works well.

“Get this man a shield..” perfect

It's cool and all but the trailer was already perfect.

Fri Nov 02 18 07:07pm
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"Evacuate the city."

Villager runs through peaceful town, arms flailing.

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