The King of Fighters XIV being considered for Switch

SNK seems to be throwing a lot of support at the Switch so far. Wondering what might be next from the developer? According to an interview with SNK Producer Yasuyuki Oda, The King of Fighters XIV is being considered. Oda said that there are some technical hurdles to clear, but if the team can work out those kinks, a port, “would definitely be a possibility.” Oda wanted to stress that things are, “really super-super early” and there's no official decision on the idea yet, but it is being discussed.

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Eh, thought Sony had ponied up to help with development on this. Would probably buy a Switch version day 1 though. As long as still plays 100% like the PS4 version (esp from competitive point of view).

King of Fighters confirmed! 😋

It would be nice if a port would be possible, but I'd also like to see KoF XI and XIII ported to Switch too if only for Nintendo players to have complete access to the Ash Crimson saga (all KoFs from '94 through 2003 have been ported to older Nintendo platforms and some to Switch).*

Only the Game Boy KoF games haven't been ported to any of Nintendo's newer platforms. Neither have the Maximum Impact games.

*Note - KoF XII was just a non-canon beta version of XIII.

'02 and '03 were ported to a Nintendo system?

If not in the past/now, then soon via Arcade Archives by HAMSTER.

I’d double dip on this if it has the DLC.

would buy if is optimized for it, aka being consistent 60fps and has all dlc in one package 60 USD or less

If it runs anything like SNK Heroines, then keep it far far away from me. 30fps would break this game.

Fri Nov 02 18 08:15pm
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After the 30FPS garbage tier port of SNK heroines? No thank you.

How about a port of KOF13 instead? Surely you couldn't screw that one up right SNK?

If The King of Fighters XIV ever comes to the Switch next year, I would probably buy it at or after launch.

King of Fighters XV is on early development, I'm not sure if KoF XIV would be released on Switch if there's no development yet. However, this is good news, I'd definitely be interested in this game.

Good news, i really like SNK's fighting games in general.

Sat Nov 03 18 05:17pm
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Yes please, I would probably buy it if it made it out before August 2019.


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