Diablo III: Eternal Collection ad spotted in London

We've seen billboards and murals, but this is definitely one of the more unique Switch-related ads we've spotted! You'll have to take a trip to London to catch this one, but thankfully we have a pic from Reddit user Mowgli2k for those who aren't in the area.


I've seen very few Switch TV ads in over a year and a half that the Switch has been out. I can count the number on one hand. The last one I seen was for Starlink and it was on at a ungodly hour, it was past midnight, real primetime audience and time slot. It was in conjunction with Smyths. And I've seen none of these poster type ads. Nintendo do practically no advertising or promotion in Ireland. Nintendo UK doesn't let us enter any of their competitions. Sony rules the roost here unfortunately.

Diablo III is sitting at number one on the NA eShop.

It dethroned the Smash preorder? Nice. Blizzard has a winner. 😄


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