Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC lineup is complete, says Sakurai

Well that was fast! Any characters coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate via DLC have already been decided. Sakurai has made it clear that Nintendo made the final call this time around. Makes you wonder who they gave the thumbs up to. I guess we'll find out in 2019!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


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Tue Nov 06 18 08:36pm
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This ain't Mario Kart. Sakurai has picked some good fighters... sure, there's a lot of Fire Emblem representation, but the series is very big in Japan and it makes them happy.

I don't know how anybody can still be whining after Ridley, K. Rool, and friggin' Belmonts... Belmonts! Plural!

Tue Nov 06 18 07:24pm
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That means that Waluigi is out, perverts, so stop asking...

Tue Nov 06 18 07:29pm
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I feel like with Nintendo specifically picking them, it heightens the chances of Waluigi hitting the roster. After all Sakurai did show resentment in Waluigi being part of the roster as he did for Ridley years ago.

Tue Nov 06 18 07:40pm
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I doubt any character who is already in as an assist trophy is going to be made a fighter for Ultimate... maybe Smash 6.

Tue Nov 06 18 10:27pm
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I think it’s rather easy to handle that he’s already an Assist trophy. Easiest solution would be to give the Assist Trophy a palette swap in the event Fighter Waluigi is playing and Assist Waluigi is summoned.

Tue Nov 06 18 07:25pm
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Honestly this sounds like a good thing in my opinion. If Nintendo is calling the shots that means probably more 1st party characters (probably ones to promote and coincide with future Switch titles). Sorry Shantae and Banjo fans. There's still quite a few 1st party newcomers I'd like to see join the battle.

Not necessarily. They just already know which third party characters people want based on the last survey. They have good relationships with most of the big publishers to make them happen. I'm expecting at least one third party character in the DLC, though there could be more. Hell, we got three big third party characters with the Wii U DLC.

I'm kind of out of ideas for first party characters I want besides Pig Ganon, personally... though I guess we can welcome smaller tier characters. Piranha Plant is pretty odd, after all, but I like it.

The only 3rd party I could see adding honestly is Rayman due to the whole Ubisoft/Nintendo love affair going on right now.

Yes Pig Ganon would be awesome but I can think of a bunch of first party characters I'd still love to see like

- Dixie Kong, how she hasn't been added this far in is baffling to me? The 2nd leading lady of Nintendo (after Samus of course), Tropical Freeze recently got a Switch release and she is a major part of that game, starred in 2, MILLION selling games on the SNES. Has had made many appearences throughout the years whether in DK or Mario spin-offs. She could easily be a semi-clone of Diddy.

- DJ Octavio, I mean they've been adding villains might as well add the newest Nintendo baddie of one of Nintendo's biggest new IP's at the moment

- Paper Mario, Could have an extremely unique moveset that revolves partners, stickers, his hammer, cards, etc. If we can have 3 Link's we definitely can have 3 Mario's!

- Impa, besides Link, Zelda, and Ganon, Impa is the most reocurring character in the series. While originally I thought she could be a Shiek echo, if they base her moveset/design off of Hyrule Warriors she could be unique or at least a semi-clone.

- Sylux, while as a character he isn't that well known or developed that much and Metroid got 2 new reps this game. I really do feel Nintendo is gonna go the more "promotional" route this time. What better way to promote Metroid Prime 4 than by adding Sylux, the presumably main villain of that game.

- Bandana Dee, people said "Why add a Waddle Dee he's generic" well that lame argument is finally thrown out the window when Piranha Plant was added. Kirby deserves his player 4 to complete the modern Kirby quartet. He is EXTREMELY popular in Japan so I see no reason why he can't be added. They could literally rip his moves/character from Star Allies and he would be fine.

- Captain Toad/Toadette, The fact that Toad hasn't been playable in a Smash game yet is kinda appalling. He's a Nintendo All-Star and deserves to be there. I prefer the Captain moniker as it makes him a bit more distinct. They could either A. Have Toadette as an alt or B. Do an Ice Climbers deal and have both Toad and Toadette working in tandem.

plus a few more I don't feel like typing out.

Yeah, those are indeed smaller tier but cool ideas... and Dixie especially I expected to see. I'm a bit more optimistic in third party potential, but I guess the fun is in waiting for the reveals and seeing!

Tue Nov 06 18 09:26pm
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Captain Toad's backpack weighs a ton so he can't jump

Dixie Kong with Kiddie/Tiny Kong for a duo, Impa (Hyrule Warriors only), and Captain Toad/Toadette get my votes. I wanna see Twinrova, the 3 Goddess reprising their Handheld Legend of Zelda roles, I can totally see a Baby Metroid or whatever working with a Mother Brain Final Smash, I demand Birdo she'd be similar to Yoshi but unique, Shy Guy or Kamek for Yoshi, so on. Ahh and Masked Man for the Mother series. I could be here all day.

Fuck putting in generic bull that has no place when we could get friggin MARX, MAGALOR, ADELINE&RIBBON, or hit up Kirby Star Allies and gift us the Jambaston Mage Sisters Ala Pokémon Trainer with Lord Hynes controlling them. Piranha Plant represents King Bowser's Minions AND a heavy part of Super Mario history from being generic enemies in the Main & RPG series, to being Major Bosses to would-be partner if Intelligent Systems didn't fuck up Paper Mario: Sticker Star... 😑 (that said wish it were Petey Piranha)

Nintendo clearly wants Geno, Banjo, Shadow, Mach Rider and Isaac.

Tue Nov 06 18 07:34pm
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I expect someone from Three Houses as a result, since Corrin was added to 4 the same way, because Nintendo wanted it. Don’t think it would be a bad thing though, since I like how the gane looks so far. Let’s hope for no oddballs like Steve or Rayman

If you don't want Rayman, how about Ray? I think that it would be a hilarious pick.

So they're starting from scratch supposedly with the DLC, and they'll be released until February 2020. Yet they've everything nailed on. 18 months away, the final character is, they don't care for anyone's opinion or choice. It doesn't take 18 months for an additional fighter. It's deliberately staged.

A conspiracy that may have some truth to it, but does it really matter? The launch roster is big enough and 6 more fighters spread out over that time will keep the game exciting to come back to. I love that we still get to look forward to character reveals in Directs too!

It's 5 fighters. Strange, that Sakurai would say this. Makes me think, perhaps some of the rumours are true about who's going to be a DLC fighter.

I was counting Piranha Plant as one we get later.

I thought that alright but Nintendo have said it's a limited time only character for people that pre-order the game. It's separate from the 5 DLC characters.

He will be available later on for purchase.

Does this mean all the meme requests can truly, finaly end?

I dont mean to rain on anyone's fun times, but geez, they always get out of hand to a point that they're just rote responses.

The meme will never end. Though I learn you can't force a meme, since I thought Piranha Plant was more memeworthy, but I suppose not.

Yeah, there's not a ton of mileage to get from Piranha Plant. I think him also being the last pre-DLC fighter probably took the wind out of a lot of folks' sails.

Comparatively, folks got super on board with Sonic reaching out to Pikachu and those beams taking everyone out.

Hard to tell who have they picked considering we don't know if they have always picked the shots. If I put my executive tag for a moment, I can see another Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Zelda and Mario character in the cards. With a tie with another third party character to be revealed last. So a new gen Pokemon, a Three Houses character or a popular Heroes pick, Impa, Tingle or Skull Kid and maybe shy guy, koopa, boo or goomba.

Tue Nov 06 18 07:51pm
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Looking forward to Pink-Gold Peach, yet another FE character, and other corporate-like lame choices.

Tue Nov 06 18 08:36pm
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This ain't Mario Kart. Sakurai has picked some good fighters... sure, there's a lot of Fire Emblem representation, but the series is very big in Japan and it makes them happy.

I don't know how anybody can still be whining after Ridley, K. Rool, and friggin' Belmonts... Belmonts! Plural!

This ain't Mario Kart.

As much as I'd love to go with this logic... well... you know... playable Piranha Plant...

sure, there's a lot of Fire Emblem representation, but the series is very big in Japan and it makes them happy.

Let's also not forget that Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo's oldest and largest franchises (biggert than Metroid and rivaling Zelda in size actually), and if Nintendo is to believed, it is now one of their A-tier franchises, up there with Mario and Zelda in terms of significance... just because it didn't come to America until the 7th game doesn't change that fact...

I don't know how anybody can still be whining after Ridley, K. Rool, and friggin' Belmonts... Belmonts! Plural!

Because not everyone cares for those characters? Because not everyone cares for any of the characters? Because they've literally dropped into minion-tier Mario characters while the list of viable top-tier characters remains as huge as ever? Because complaining is human nature?

Yeah, some people can never be pleased, I guess.

Tue Nov 06 18 08:02pm
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Given the fact that nearly all the remaining characters I want are assist trophies, I'm not even sure what to think about upcoming DLC. Maybe they'll surprise me, though.

Introducing Assist Fighters, do you got a favorite locked behind an Item? Do we got the Mode for you! But praying instead for DLC promotion instead!

Tue Nov 06 18 08:06pm
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I'm apalled he has to tell people in english to stop bothering him and other users. The man works himself to life threatening levels and his reward is the whiniest and most unpleasable fanbase in the planet.

My personal picks for Smash Ultimate DLC would be Min Min from ARMS, Donkey Kong Junior mostly because he needs more love, Geno, Solaire from Dark Souls, and a Atlus rep

Excited for this game and the DLC, even though I will never agree with paid DLC that is created alongside the game

What does it matter when DLC is being developed? It would seem inefficient to ask people involved in the early stages of development of the game not to move on to the early stages of DLC after they pass their work along.

True, it's more efficient

I don't think the game going gold, and then DLC being planned after the game launches at retail is a bad thing, especially if there's clearly a lot of work to be done. It's nothing nearly as atrocious as the on-cart DLC Mario Tennis Aces has, where several characters in the data are unable to be selected until Nintendo decides to stop artificially padding them out through online tourneys meant to prevent the game from dying. Birdo could have been playable day one, if Nintendo didn't go the awful route. I'd take DLC being developed as we speak over DLC that's done and just sits on a cart for months on end unable to be played.

My body is ready for 5 amazing characters revelations movies :-)

Tue Nov 06 18 09:07pm
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Nintendo still has quite a selection of first party characters to choose from. I hope in the future Sakurai eliminates clones. Echos are cool though.

My list of characters I want to see are:
Medusa or Hades
Punchout (maybe Doc Luis)
Majora Mask Link/Urbosa/Midna/Impa/Tingle
Urban Champion or Balloon Fighter
Dixie Kong
Fire Emblem Axe/Lance user (Hectorcopter)

This time the selection was made entirely by Nintendo. I [Sakurai] decide

Oh baby, bring on the surprises!

Just give me Shantae, both Sakurai and Nintendo are well aware that they exist and for a indie series they try their hardest to be faithful to Ninty, just give her a chance. :/

Agreed. Absolutely agreed. It seems obvious to me that characters like Pac-Man, Snake, and (especially) Cloud are in Smash not because of their connection to Nintendo, but to serve as mascots for companies that have connections to Nintendo. At this point, after the Switch has arguably turned into the best place to play them, indies have developed a connection with Nintendo that deserves to be represented in Smash as well, and no indie character has a history and association with Nintendo like Shantae has. Shovel Knight feels like a Nintendo character, at least to me--but he's only had one game. Madeline from Celeste is a great character from a game that found success with Nintendo, but in her case not only has she also only had one game, but she doesn't feel like a Nintendo character, just a third-party character that is at home anywhere. Shantae both feels like a Nintendo character and (IIRC) has a sixteen year history of appearing on Nintendo systems. I can see Nintendo not honoring indies; but I think they should, and if they do I can't see any other character deserving the honor more.

Shantae first game were publish by Capcom, so I would call her half-indie, but her chances is also bigger because of that I think

At least she started her life at GBC

Tue Nov 06 18 11:17pm
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Will he do something else already? Im sick of smash. I mean we just got it on 3ds and Wii u and while I understand that it's an important IP for Nintendo, it's not really doing much for them.

Wed Nov 07 18 01:11am
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I mean we just got it on 3ds and Wii u

That was 4 years ago.

And yet the large content it has is enough to last for decades.

I'm confused, did they announce Shrek as a fighter or is this a joke?

No... it's a joke...

Who I think might be the picks.

  • Chun-Li from Street Fighter
  • New Pokemon character from the upcoming main game next year, this to me is nailed on
  • Minecraft character, possibly Steve and Alex as an alternative
  • Skull Kid. Someone from Zelda anyway
  • Banjo Kazooie, you never know, I changed my mind at the last second, from Waluigi to them.

    I feel like Ubisoft deserve some recognition for being Nintendo's best 3rd party supporter for the past decade at least. And they've made exclusives. They stood by Nintendo, when most others left during the hard times.

    A few other possibilities: Dixie Kong, Twintelle, Tails, Waluigi, Toad, Paper Mario or maybe even Paper Peach and lastly, Baby Mario and Luigi, kind of like Ice Climbers.

    You know, there's never been a Western 3rd party fighter in Super Smash Bros. Let's see if that changes in the next 5 fighter choices. I hope there's not another Fire Emblem character included.

  • grcpan
    Wed Nov 07 18 03:38am
    Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

    Hopefully that means we will see a new Xenoblade character. Personally I am really happy with the roster, game has a ton of characters for all tastes, anything extra is just a bonus.

    Yes, it feels strange to have Shulk but not Rex. Nia would be great! Doomguy or William Blazkowicz would be nice as well, or maybe the characters from Snipperclips. Rabbid Peach?

    It better just be Elma or they can keep their trash and focus on better Nintendo franchises.

    I thought we knew this from the direct. They knew what characters they’re doing but haven’t started work yet.

    Doesn’t really matter. It’s not like I’m going to play as anyone other than Piranha Plant anyways.


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