Nintendo closing down official Wii U Facebook page on Nov. 9th, 2018

Another sad milestone for the Wii U is about to take place. On Nov. 9th, 2018, Nintendo is shutting down the official Wii U Facebook page. As you've guessed, most fans have long since moved over to the Switch, and Nintendo doesn't see the need to keep their Wii U Facebook page active.

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I’m surprised they didn’t do it sooner :P

That's the UK Wii U page. I think the US Wii U page either got converted to the Switch page or got shut down a long time ago.

Now if only they will do the same thing with the official Wii U and Wii YouTube channels.

That's very short notice, not that I really care, visited it or even knew of its existence. 2012-2017 doesn't tell the full story. Wii U released right at the tail-end of 2012 and it was dead long before 2017. Just because Nintendo released BOTW at that time doesn't mean it was still alive then. It released early in 2017(March) and was the only and last major game on Wii U. And it's Wii U release was sabotaged in favour of the Switch. It could have and would have released far earlier were it not for the new platform. And pretty much all exclusive Wii U functionality was stripped out so that both versions could be the same. The Wii U was pretty much a barren wasteland for years prior to BOTW's final curtain call. We deserved better, but Nintendo starved the Wii U towards the end so that the Switch had better prospects of being successful.

Two things no cares about! Wii U and Facebook!

(Just a stupid, and factually incorrect, zinger! Don’t come at me)


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