Kirby Star Allies - DLC Pack 3 officially revealed

Nintendo has finally ended the speculation and confirmed that DLC Pack 3 for Kirby Star Allies is a thing. It's set to release Nov. 30th, 2018 in Japan, and is going to include a new mode, new stages, as well as the Dream Friends Taranza, Magalor, & Susie

The new mode is called Another Dimension Heroes, which is a challenge mode where Kirby and his Dream Friends solve puzzles in another dimension. Their goal in this mode is to collect “Friend’s Hearts.” You'll have to take on "Another Bosses," which are meaner variations of bosses that appeared previously. At the end of the mode, you'll have to battle with the Jambastion mages.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Finally, a new game mode!

Also I wonder if it's implying that the mages will be playable characters

Wed Nov 07 18 10:48pm
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It's finally happening! It might not be the best Kirby game, but it sure as hell is one of the most memorable! I love being able to play as all of my favorite characters!

Take notes, Mario.

Take notes, Mario.

Uhh..what do you mean?

Wed Nov 07 18 11:40pm
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Kirby is letting me play as all of my favorite characters. Meanwhile Mario usually forces player one to play as the man himself. Sure, they've had a few games here and there, but they're few and far between. I'd like to see all of the characters in the smash roster playable in the same main series title some day.

Susie is not your friend Kirby. (~_~)

A Kirby can dream (friends).....

I mean she DID try to kill him and enslave all of Pop Star.

Granted Magolor did too but he at least got the stuffing beaten out of him and built a theme park to atone for his sins. (>_>)

Susie's never apologised and is prolly gonna to try to sell off everyone's organs when they aren't looking.

Nah, that Susie was only the reincarnation of the true Susie, the true one disapeared or "something" during a experiment.


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