PR - Hazelnut Bastille completely funded, 100% coming to Nintendo Switch

November 8, 2018- Aloft Studio is happy to announce that our Kickstarter for Hazelnut Bastille, which was launched at 8:00 AM EST on October 23rd, and will run until the 29th of November, has fully funded in only 38% of the time! We raised over 65,000 from 1800 backers! We are now up to 73,500 USD, from 1963 backers!

We have already mostly funded one Stretch goal (expanded game experience with 2 more dungeons), and are quickly finishing the Localization 1 Stretch goal, for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian language! We are also making good progress toward our goal of developing for the Nintendo Switch in tandem (although we will release for the Switch regardless, and backers can choose this platform for their rewards as well )!

Future Stretch goals will include additional localizations to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian, Mini-games, Additional game modes, More music from Hiroki Kikuta, and tandem development for the PS4 platform as well!

We are incredibly thankful for the love and support our big community has shown this work, and we can't wait to get back to work delivering the full experience for everyone!

Hazelnut Bastille is expected to release in full around October 2020, delay-gods willing!

About Hazelnut Bastille:

Hazelnut Bastille, for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch, is a lush, topdown Zelda-like ARPG in a16bit style, which seeks to continue the great lineage of superior design from the mid 90's. We strive to emulate this period in most ways, from graphic presentation, to audio production, to general level design philosophy.

Hazelnut Bastille tells the story of a young woman who travels to a foreign shore on the outskirts of her world, in order to seek out the promised gifts of mythological ancients, in hopes of retrieving something which was lost to her. On the way, her story becomes irrevocably intertwined with the lives of those living in this far off land.

The public is heavily encouraged at this time to share the work with others in any form they choose.

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