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I remember back when consoles didn't need this kind of stuff. It's weird how in this day and age people expect to see more than this, myself included. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but I do feel like the switch is still lacking in features. I would have taken free themes over NES games that I've already played.

Thu Nov 08 18 02:39pm
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Well they did explain the reasoning behind customising the UI. It might also be why PS4 isn't as snappy as it could be.

"Unlike previous consoles, Nintendo purposefully designed the system software to be as minimalist as possible, running under 200 kilobytes. This minimalism is meant to improve system performance and launch games faster."

I can appreciate that design choice and currently enjoy it. The 3ds seems to do just fine when using themes, so hopefully we'll be seeing those sooner rather than later.

The Switch’s UI has really spoiled me. It’s so snappy and quick that my PS4 feels like dial-up by comparison.
I would really be okay if themes never came. If the themes retained the minimalistic approach, and didn’t slow anything down...then maybe.

Navigating my 3DS nowadays even feels like a chore. I don’t think Nintendo gets enough praise for the Switch’s responsiveness.

"We got an Ad". If Nintendo is going to bring these media apps to Switch, they NEED to bring Ad Blocker Plus. Personally, I am fine wi th games only on game consoles. I just started that video out of curiosity of how bad the ad plague would be.

Can 100% guarantee that ad blocker is never going to be on Switch under official means.

You're right, that is why I only use Youtube on PC.

YouTubes revenue stream comes from ads so there’s no way in hell they’d put it on Switch if you couldn’t block the ads from the Switch itself.

Pro-tip: Look into PiHole. It’s basically your own little DNS server you can set up and blacklist tons of ad and tracker URLs so every device on your network can be ad free (minus Gonintendo of course)

Well... I'd rather use my phone for YouTube and my console for voice chat.

I'd rather use my phone to make phone calls / voice chat and use my console / TV for video..

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