Nintendo currently brainstorming ways to reach new audiences with the Switch

Coming from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa during an investor Q&A...

Major titles are fundamental to any large increase in sales activity for Nintendo Switch. Because we are concentrating the release of major titles in the second half of this year, the extent to which sales grow in the coming holiday season will be very important. Although software is the most important factor for selling Nintendo Switch across a long lifecycle, also important is the question of how many people we can get to appreciate the inherent appeal of Nintendo Switch and the uniqueness of the system. The methods we use to convey that appeal to someone who has played Nintendo games in the past will not be the same as the methods we use for someone who plays games but not on a Nintendo platform, or to someone with little interest in games themselves. We are brainstorming company-wide on ways to convey the appeal of Nintendo Switch to the people we have not been able to reach with our existing methods.

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Fri Nov 09 18 02:06pm
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Just be sure to take care of us original fans too, Nintendo.

Like I said before RMC. Please put a trigger warning whenever there's another article about Nintendo trying to appeal people other than gamers or else a bunch of people here will begin throwing another tantrum again.

Loving these Q&A images.

On a more relevant note, I think advertising the best games and the system well is probably the best thing they can do.

Really...the best option is a price drop or just sell the tablet alone.

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