Nintendo believes games using 'cloud gaming tech' on Switch is a good thing

Coming from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa during an investor Q&A...

Generally, I think having the Nintendo Switch software lineup augmented by titles from publishers who make use of cloud gaming technologies is a very positive thing. And it is really meaningful in terms of expanding our user base, because there are some titles that probably could not be offered on Nintendo Switch any other way.

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I couldn't disagree more with that statement. It's pants, as Cloud gaming is only available in Japan and it wouldn't work well in the West.

Fri Nov 09 18 01:01pm
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ok, that'll be all, fire this man

I disagree. I see cloud gaming becoming more and more prominent as streaming technology improves and subscription based services continue to flourish (see: Xbox gamepass)

If Nintendo wants to get ahead of the curve in regards to this, I’m all for it.

Cloud gaming will never work in the US. Not with our infrastructure and while we're at the grip of these ISPs.

Fri Nov 09 18 01:20pm
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Because it's totally curtailed the growth of video streaming so sharply right?

I just played ACO through Chrome and when I asked my roommate to try it out he couldn't tell it wasn't native. It may not be a quick transition, but it's coming slowly. The traditional market will be around d for awhile yet though.

I couldn't disagree more with that statement. It's pants, as Cloud gaming is only available in Japan and it wouldn't work well in the West.

Fri Nov 09 18 01:51pm
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I honestly think this is the future of gaming and that's coming from someone who thought cloud gaming was nothing short of a gimmick less than 6 months ago.

I travel all the time for work and gaming is something that tends to really help hotel blues from setting in. For the longest time, I subsisted off of handheld gaming, then I upgraded to include a gaming laptop in the mix, but recently, I've found that the one thing I hate is I can't access the full breadth of my game collection without using a 17" behemoth or a bevy of external hard drives. About five months ago, I was playing around on my ipad, found a ps4 remote play app, installed it, set up my ps4 for remote play, and tried it over an LTE connection. I got surprisingly solid rates and pretty minimal latency and this made me think "man, this might be a viable deal". I then tried it out with the geforce now revision in my shield tablet k1 and git equally decent performance.

Fast forward less than half a year and I'm carrying a surface pro with 1tb of internal storage and a 400gb micro sd card which gives me enough room for a fair amount of games that run off integrated graphics well enough, a ton of rom backups of my physical games, and a fair selection of my favorite films. I coupled all of that with PS4 remote play, cajiggering my xbox one for remote play, psnow, geforce now, and vortex game streaming.

With my surface, my switch, and a netgear nighthawk portable hotspot in a small and managable sling bag, I have access to thousands of games from my collection almost anywhere in the country. Granted, I know I'm a small use case scenario, but as 5g starts rolling out, I'm convinced this is going to be the future.

And yet none of it even remotely owned by the consumer.

Cloud gaming is a disgusting, anti-consumer racket designed to keep people in a perpetually paying walled garden.

If gaming goes cloud, I am OUT.

Fri Nov 09 18 02:25pm
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Cloud gaming will only work in Japan as the rest of the world has poor infrastructure and the ISPs have monopolies on said infrastructure that give them free reign to offer bad services at higher costs to consumers.

I hope NoA will ignore cloud gaming for US territories even if NCL threatens them. AT&T, Verizon, etc. will not allow cloud gaming to work because AT&T and crew are too cheap, lazy, and greedy to improve the necessary infrastructure.

Hell in 50 years time, Japan will probably have the Matrix by the time the US get what Japan got 50 years before then. =/

It's irrelevant whether American internet can handle this or not. The real problem is both the providers and it's current politics. Even now, we're still under concerns on whether we'll have to pay for data caps in the near future.

Fri Nov 09 18 03:14pm
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If you can watch Netflix on two device simultaneously at 1080p then you could do cloud gaming. AWS has datacenters in close proximity to the majority of the western population (including Ireland), as long as you’re connecting to a server in your proximity lag and latency shouldn’t be problem.

I’m not sure where “the rest of the world” is but in many locations in the U.S., Canada and Europe you can easily get 24Mbps internet. The U.S does lag behind on average I know but every major city doesn’t.

My Boyfriend lives an hour north of Toronto and has 200Mbps, I live in the backass of Ireland and have 30Mbps (no data caps either) and we lag behind the average speeds seen in mainland Europe. If a game was being served from the AWS Ireland region I’d have no problems with performance.

Everyone seems to say Japan has super duper internet but based on these stats https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Internet_connection_speeds their average isn’t that great and just a marginally better average the U.S.

The population outside major cities is likely bringing the average down for all countries, and that’s fair. Point is, Japan doesn’t have a better infrastructure. Compare the speed you can get in Kyoto and New York and they’ll be comparable and both more than sufficient for Cloud gaming at 60fps.

I expect cloud gaming to eventually become the de facto standard sooner than later. I don’t personally like that reality, but I’m not naive to it happening.

Some things wrong with cloud gaming on Switch:

  • Inability to play the game without a subscription, which dissuades taking your time with the game
  • Works horribly in places with sub-par internet, like Australia
  • Doesn't work with the core concept of the Switch, as internet is required at all times

Fri Nov 09 18 10:00pm
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I will always be against cloud gaming, because i know that publishers will want it to become the main form of distribution, so, we wont own games anymore. When they decide to remove a game from the service, that game will be lost forever, since there's no actual files, we wouldnt be able to ever emulate them.

You know the good thing about owning a game physically, or even download it to your hdd? Even if in the future your hardware breaks and you can't replace it, there would be emulators, games could be saved for future generations, like we do with older games.
Going with cloud gaming, you're making sure that things will eventually be lost forever, whenever a company decides to remove the game from the service, or if the company goes bankrupt.

If cloud gaming is going to be a norm, I guess I have to give up gaming initself.

I vehemently disagree.


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