Nintendo talking to publishers to get more games on Switch, but doesn't think it's realistic to expect every major title to come over

Coming from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa during an investor Q&A...

We believe that giving consumers a wide selection of software is an extremely important part of operating our platforms. That is why we welcome the introduction of a variety of titles from many different software publishers. Even so, I do not think it is realistic to expect that every major title will become available on Nintendo Switch. We are speaking with publishers about them actively putting titles on Nintendo Switch that would be an especially good fit for its unique features as a home console system you can carry around, including handheld mode and the ability to bring systems together for local multiplayer. Given the strong publisher support Nintendo Switch has, I would expect the number of titles on it will increase a lot more. That is what really keeps the Nintendo Switch business on the right track.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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The Switch isn't even close to getting "every major title". And it won't get them with this current iteration of the Switch because of its weak hardware.

Not with that attitude!

Probably because Switch has inferior hardware. Or they don’t feel like it. Either works.

The Switch isn't even close to getting "every major title". And it won't get them with this current iteration of the Switch because of its weak hardware.

Fri Nov 09 18 02:29pm
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Considering the Switch's weak hardware, I doubt very many if any major titles will be coming out for it from this point forward.

The weak specs and hardware will it make it nigh impossible for any major AAA game to run at proper speed if the industry keeps focusing on maxing power every year. Which in the west, is certainly the case. Expect Cloud versions of games that are too demanding like AC Odyssey if the publishers still want to put it on Switch in some way, although I think those will be only in Japan due to the nature of the internet there.

While I do agree that the Switch is definitely weaker power wise compared to the PS4, I definitely wouldn’t say it’s as drastic of a gap like it was with the Wii when compared to 360 and PS3

Unfortunately I’d actually say it’s a significantly larger gap, especially when compared to the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro iterations. The Xbox One X in particular is pushing 4K at 60fps, that’s 4 times the pixels as 1080p and the Switch can struggle to hit 1080p at times.

But don’t get me wrong, the Switch is probably my favourite Nintendo console ever and as long as the games keep coming and are fun - the power it can produce is enough to hit that goal.

It helps when companies like Bethesda are saying the new Doom is being developed with Switch in mind from the start. This is what other companies should do if they want to tap into the Switch market. Personally I am not interested in those versions but I think it does make sense for people who only have a Switch or highly value portability.

The thing I like the most are third party exclusives like Rabbids or the new SMT game but it is unrealistic to expect tons of these.

Nintendo will never get that third party support that people expect them to get.

There are ways to play third party games without the switch so why bother? If anyone who has a dedicated gaming laptop and a Nintendo console, you get like 95% of games already.


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