Prima Games closing its doors

Prima Games has been providing strategy guides for a very long time now, but we're sad to say that they'll be closing up shop completely by Spring 2019. The Dorling Kindersley division of Penguin Random House announced the “extremely difficult decision” to shutter Prima, most likely due to dwindling guide sales. There are still a handful of Prima guides on the way before the company closes, and it's unknown if any of these releases will be cancelled due to this news.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Fri Nov 09 18 01:41pm
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That sucks Sad
I wonder if we will still be able to access the digital guides from their website.

Someone at Siliconera commented a response from Prima with that exact question, and it said that they’ll be up until March at the very least. Dunno after that.

Thanks for sharing Smile
It sucks for the guides I purchased, though Sad

I hate seeing them go since I have a lot of their guides in my own library. But at the same time, it seems like the age of video game guides is over. So much of the information is available for free on the internet now. And some of the guides that used to be useful become obsolete when patches and DLC change the game enough to make it inaccurate.

I got to admit, I barely bought any guide books this decade. In 2007-2011 they were my go-to thing to get with a new Pokemon or Zelda game, just to have everything easily accessible without going down to the basement to look something up. Nowadays it's so easy to do so on your phone that it's pretty useless. I still got two guides last year though, due to some good sales they had (The BOTW Deluxe guide for free with a promotion, and the SMO guide on Black Friday) and the SMO guide helped me 100% it much faster than having to pause the game to look at many differing videos, since that game is so big it's hard to pinpoint things.

But man, I STILL have their Pokemon DP 001-490 Poster from the Diamond and Pearl Pokedex guide they made, hung up behind my TV in the same spot it's always been since 2007. I may have hated when they got stuff wrong or did something dumb in their guides, but they had good posters and it's a nostalgic part of my childhood nevertheless. Are there even any other guide makers out there? Surely someone will take over for those who like an actual book to hold.

I've never bought a guide. I prefer to work things out myself, but if I get stuck, online walkthroughs are free.

Surprised the lasted this long what with the Internet although I can understand the appeal of a physica book that has artwork and more as well as the guide part.


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