McDonald's wants you to know that Ronald McDonald will not be appearing in Smash Bros. Ultimate

I love that McDonald's answered this fan's question so seriously. I can't tell if they're doing that to play into the joke, or they just took the question seriously. Either way, I guess we'll somehow have to be okay with Ronald not making the Smash Bros. cut yet again. Nintendo never listens to their fans!


Sun Nov 11 18 04:00am
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*Preorder cancelled*

They just keep de-confirming all the best picks.

Sun Nov 11 18 04:39am
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I Japan they call him "Donald McDonald" because Ronald is too hard to say.

Sun Nov 11 18 06:03am
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But Mac got buff in the latest season so would be a competent fighter. (Please someone get the reference)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Love that show but I gotta say this latest season has been pretty "meh" the only good episodes IMO were "Time's up for the Gang", "Gang solves the Bathroom issue", and "The Gang gets new wheels". The first episode of the season and "The Gang does a Clip show" were okay but everything else was almost complete trash.

There hasn’t been many more episodes. I think it’s been pretty great. The clip show was meh but it was supposed to be a mockery of clip shows. The ladies version of The Gang Beats Boggs was meh too but again it was poking fun at female reboots of the like of Ghostbusters and Oceans 11 but was still meh.

The last episode “Mac Finds His Pride” I thought was fantastic.

I can confirm that I will also not be a playable character in the game.

Sun Nov 11 18 09:30am
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At least they haven't confirmed weather Hamburglar will be in Smash Bros Ultimate
or not. Theres still hope. XD

I mean, if EA's Fight Night could have the Burger King and those Mercedes cars were in Mario Kart 8, I don't see why we couldn't have Ronald in Smash.

Hasn't McDonald's all but killed off the character of Ronald these days?

None of his other friends appear in anything anymore.

Tue Nov 13 18 12:24am
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Why market a brand with a cast of colorful personalities and characters when you can have an intern post dank memes on social media?


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