New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe includes a host of new features (play as Mario in New Super Luigi U, and more)

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe may be a port of a Wii U game, but Nintendo has added in some new features to go along with the rehashed content. We already know about things like the Super Crown, but it turns out there's more going on with the collection.

- any character can be used in single player
- Mario can be played in New Super Luigi U Levels
- New Super Luigi U levels start at 200 sec instead of 100
- Buttons can be remapped at the pause menu


That's hardly work, it's just a matter of changing settings. If they for example added 20 new levels then that would be significant.

Sun Nov 11 18 12:49pm
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Basically adding stuff that should've been in the original game.

They've also nerfed the challenge of New Super Luigi U, just as they did with another Wii U port to Switch, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. These are all simple changes that they could easily patch into the Wii U version, but Nintendo won't.

The 100 Second Time Limit in Luigi U was a bad idea to begin with. It didn’t mix well with a character who can jump ridiculously high and levels that are more closed off compared to NSMBU.

Sun Nov 11 18 04:34pm
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If you're not stuck with Luigi in NSLU, then the 200 seconds is only a balance adjustment. After all DKC: Tropical Freeze still had the Wii U original difficulty. Perhaps picking Luigi only will give 100 seconds to parallel Tropical Freeze?

That way those that want the challenge can have it (stricter levels, no super guide) and those that want to just have a relaxing romp or just need help can have it.

EDIT - Oh, it's 200 seconds by default and can't be changed. Though you can make a self-imposed challenge of 100 seconds to carry on the Wii U original's spirit.

As far as I can tell, The super Mario games never really have difficulty options because the games are usually played in short bursts and are targeted to a wide audience.

Frankly, there was no reason to have difficulty options in tropical freeze because all it does is just have funky Kong who is kinda slow and add one extra heart for each Kong. It doesn't lower the overall challenge of the game because you still have to deal with a lot of the level designs especially hard mode.

Here? it's a game that is purely dlc and not the main one. 100 seconds sounds like you will get often frustrated and not play the levels as casually as possible.

Sun Nov 11 18 05:47pm
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They can't patch the original NSMBU because 1, the Wii U is dead and is rarely getting updates which are only minor to only the system itself and 2 since the original Wii U version didn't sell as good because it was on a failed console it will no doubt sell better on the Switch like most of the Wii U ports. It's for non-Wii U owners. that never got a chance to get the original, Nintendo is only doing this for business.

Need to take away the micro pause when someone dies, them I'll buy.

I have an itch to replay this and 3D World. Hopefully the latter will come to Switch too, or better a 3D Land + World combo.

If Mario's in NSLU and NSLU doesn't have that tight timer anymore, then what's the point of NSLU? I still vastly prefer the levels in it and think they are amazing, but it sounds pretty stupid that NSLU no longer has two things that made it stand out a bit from NSMBU.

Didn’t NLU already have the option to play as Mario after beating the game? And taking away the 100 second timer makes those levels a LOT easier and defeats the purpose of the pack.


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