Legendary creates Detective Pikachu promo statues for the upcoming film

The Detective Pikachu trailer dropped today, and with it comes pictures of statues that Legendary had put together to promote the film. As you can see, the movie is going with a blend of realistic and cartoonish designs for the Pokemon in Detective Pikachu. What do you think of the design choice?

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Greninja looks terrifying here compared to how it appears in the trailer

Snubbull is the only one that's not nightmare-inducing.

Wow, the dialogue and humor seems pretty promising. Nothing seemed to jump out as too, too trope-y or predictable so far.

But the realism of some Pokemon's designs are hitting real close to that Uncanny Valley. Maybe it was intentional, but if they're gonna up the details to keep up with the live action, they should've leaned into adjusting anatomy to align more with some of their real life counterparts.

Those should help give little kids nightmares. Smile

The Pikachu puppet looks like he just came in from the rain. Sad

Others look fine. (Or in the case of Greninja horrifying but I think that's the point.)

Good that this is not a not Nintendo IP otherwise this film would have been scrapped.


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