German Club Nintendo comics writer's hate for Sakurai lead him to tormenting Kirby in his comics

Nintendo's history of comics is peppered with all kinds of strange decisions. Those include the very random roles that Kirby took on in the German Club Nintendo comics. Turns out there was a reason behind the odd decisions made in that comic. Claude Moyse, writer of the comics, would put Kirby into odd situations because he simply didn't like Masahiro Sakurai. What made Moyse dislike Sakurai so much? Unfortunately, Moyse never bothered to say!

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But no one who speaks German could be an evil man!

Wie kommst Du darauf, Du Kind einer Bratpfanne?

(that's German for I like you)

((just kidding, of course!))

No, that's German for, "The Bart, the."

What are the lines in that comic above?

Finally we caught you. You've got to be that "Jack the Glibber" we've been hunting for weeks. Now you'll go to jail!

But I'm innocent!

Wed Nov 14 18 04:43am
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The Police officer says: Finally we caught you! You must be "Jack the GLibber", we been looking for you for weeks. We'll put you behind bars now.

Kriby says: But... I'm innocent.

On a Side node, I remember reading and linking this comics as a Kid. And afaik they came out before Waluigis was introduced to the world (since that was mentioned in Today's BIG story.


Ps: sry for answering it again I missed to refresh the page before replying.

"What made Moyse dislike Sakurai so much?"

Maybe he was fed up of Sakurai putting certain 3rd party characters like Cloud and Snake in Super Smash Bros. when they didn't deserve to be there. Even in the last SSBU Direct Sakurai was trölling, "Want your favourite character in SSBU? Well tough $h1t! Here, have this generic pirahna plant instead. Mwahahaha!!!"

I don't care what anybody says, that was one of the most anticlimactic announcements ever, for anything.

I just figured that he got the big boys out of the way first to prevent them from leaking.

Imagine thinking gaming icons like Snake and Cloud "don't deserve a slot," and being mad at this entries wtf character.

Gaming icons? Maybe for PlayStation fans... I mean you only see the two all over the place in Sony presentations and commercials and such... Nintendo? Not so much...

Maybe it's because there was a time where Kirby games jumped the shark and didn't know how to innovate.

First of all, Sakurai doesn't own the Kirby franchise/characters.

Second, when was this exactly?

And to use another example, Zelda has been an "Aonuma thing" for a longer time than it's been a "Miyamoto thing".

The Club Nintendo Comics came out in the '90s.

If this was before Smash, then this makes no sense. Nobody knew who the hell Sakurai was at the time.

Tue Nov 13 18 11:18pm
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We need a bigger interview with Moyse again... say for Did You Know Gaming.


So then opens up the question: How was Moyse's relationship to Miyamoto, due to all the sex jokes in Link's Awakening?

Wed Nov 14 18 02:52am
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Anyone who dislikes Sakurai has no soul


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