The art of Netflix's Castlevania

Netflix's Castlevania is pitch-perfect in a lot of ways, and one of those is the art direction. The series has some fantastic character design and backdrops. Some of that content doesn't appear on-screen for more than a few seconds, but it's well worth giving a good once-over. If you're looking to get a better peek at some of that content, including backgrounds and animation tests, make sure to check out this post.

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I'd hardly call the series "pitch perfect", as far as being a good representation of the games. But yeah, that castle does look like the one in Rondo/SotN.

Wish we could get an art book for the series. The Kotaku post is missing a lot of the cool monster designs and storyboards and characters.

Sadly it seems to be the curse of most Castlevania entries (except annoyingly LOS) to not get decent compiliations of the art. Sad

I did notice a lot of the stills being really beautiful looking. I never like anime, but this series was pretty good. Would have been cool if there was a lot more game music, though...

On a completely unrelated note, I accidentally clicked the blue cross button that I've always completely ignored when trying to open this story, and hey! It's a collapse! Might be helpful to skip past the week's downloads for America.

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It's actually not perfect in any area as far as I'm concerned, and that's true of the art too, but it's good enough.

I mean, if you compare the art direction to some of the classic '90s Manga movies for example, stuff like Ninja Scroll, Wicked City and especially Vampire Hunter D, which is what this feels closest to imo, it's just not on par, and especially considering those were made in the '90s and this was made in 2017/2018.

It's good enough though, like I said, but it could be better still.

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