Warframe - Switch file size revealed

Warframe is hitting the Switch next week, so it's time to get some space cleared out on your Switch. We've learned that the title is going to take up 12.2GB of space, which is quite a bit smaller than the game on other platforms. Can't wait to see how this port turns out!

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We're going to need a bigger SD card.

That’s cool. The PS4 version used to be that size.... five years ago. Now, it’s ballooned to something like 60 GB.

i have a nice size sd card for all my digital download need so im ready.

is there a campaign for this game or is it endless?

There is a story but I believe the levels are generated.

Thu Nov 15 18 01:54pm
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There is no real end to Warframe, it's an ongoing game with new quests being added over time, with quests becomming more cinematic as you get deeper into the content, it does have a narrative and some really intriguing lore, but the story content only takes up a small percentage of the overall gameplay, which is mostly just a variety of mission types across a solar system.

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