Henk Rogers reveals how he convinced Nintendo to include Tetris with the Game Boy

Henk Rogers is the man responsible for first bringing Tetris to traditional gaming platforms. This includes the Game Boy version, which became synonymous with the Game Boy itself. In a recent interview with IGN, Henk talked about the discussion to make that pack-in happen.

"I said, ‘Mr Arakawa (former Nintendo of America president ), you need to include Tetris with every Game Boy’. And he said, ‘Why should I include Tetris when I have Mario?’ And I said, ‘If you want little boys to buy your Game Boy, pack in Mario. But if you want *everyone* to buy your Game Boy, pack in Tetris, because everybody plays Tetris – young, old and male, female. And then you can still sell Mario afterwards and make more money!’"

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Very smart. And the rest is history!

Wed Nov 14 18 04:08pm
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I believe the technical limitations of the GB's screen also had a part in it. Mario on the GB was a blurry mess because of the scrolling backgrounds and tiny, fast moving Mario sprite.

Tetris, on the other hand, had a mostly static screen so the action was crisp and clear. It was less of a risk (and a very good game on its own merits).

I wonder why Nintendo didn't bundle tetris for switch as a free game?

Because you can buy Tetris anywhere now. In 1989 Nintendo had console exclusivity. And it was still a new game, now Nintendo has BoTW to sell. Plus SEGA sold a million units so they're pretty happy with their money.


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