Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee - Masuda talks Eevee voice actor, keeping things kid-friendly, doing away with established ideas, and more

With Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! launching this week, the devs are making their rounds to give the game one last pre-launch promotional push. Let's Go director Junichi Masuda sat down with GNN to discuss a number of topics on the game, which we've shared below.

- voice actor Aoi Yuuki is the voice of Eevee
- she was instructed to make sounds that mix together the characteristics of the different names for Eevee around the world
- these games have a kid-friendly look and music that sticks closely to the original tunes to keep parents happy
- the devs wanted to make sure the games didn't showcase too much violence, or make too much noise to bother parents
- the games save on the console, rather than on the game card,
- there are new protagonists/rivals so newcomers to the Pokemon series have their own characters to connect with
- the story doesn't deviate much from the original Pokemon Yellow
- with that said, there was some streamlining of confusing aspects in the original
- the pace has been sped up to accommodate the lifestyle of new gamers accustomed to smartphones and YouTube
- the run button was removed, as you can push the joystick all the way to achieve running speed
- Team Rocket will have a bigger part than before
- other influences from the anime include how Pikachu sits on your shoulder
- Game Freak holds regular meetings with Pokemon anime makers OLM, Inc.
- the two have a joint planning committee for movies, where two to three Game Freak members participate in the planning
- these teams also work together to confirm the new Pokemon designs
- 2P Mode was added into the game as a way for parents to play with their kids or for players to work together with a friend
- the catching mechanic is focused on the fun of catching itself, as you do not battle wild Pokemon to capture them in this game
- using Partner Pokemon for Secret Techniques is an evolution of wanting to remove HMs
- the aim was to remove HMs without losing the sense of progression
- Pokemon are encountered in the overworld because Game Freak knew players would evade tall grass to avoid encounters
- the PC/Box system was scrapped because they wanted to let players use their Pokemon anywhere
- Eevee knows more exclusive moves than Pikachu
- the game uses the original 151 Pokemon as to not over-complicate things for newcomers
- Meltan can evolve because Game Freak wanted Meltan to embody the enjoyable aspect of ‘catching Pokemon many times and collecting candy to evolve’ found in Pokemon GO


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If I were a child, I'd feel super insulted by this game as everything fun got sucked out. All these gameplay aspects are just dumbed down shit I'd sooner expect from Apps or free-to-play stuff. I mean yeah they have done some really cool things, but then introduce 5 things that are just mind-boggling!

If I were a child, I'd feel super insulted by this game as everything fun got sucked out. All these gameplay aspects are just dumbed down shit I'd sooner expect from Apps or free-to-play stuff. I mean yeah they have done some really cool things, but then introduce 5 things that are just mind-boggling!

Pokémon is a curious case. Has it always been the same audience the one who buys the game? Or has it increased beyond the fandom?

With that said, this game seems business mandated, instead of microtransactions, it's as similar as it can be to Pokemon Go. Seems like they're really betting on appealing to a Pokemon Go user.

The only thing I'm a bit surprised it hasn't been marketed is how you can spawn your Pokemon from Go and attempt to catch them. Maybe its too obvious.

Mostly it grows over time. Gen I/II were the peak and then Gen III came and pretty much destroyed the fanbase. Seriously, you can see old ancient internet posts from people who are acting like they are with this game (and I'm one of said people not looking forward to LGPE, but I love the shit out of Gen III) because they removed the option to transfer old Pokes and rebooted the franchise with a new roster, with lower mon count than Gen II. But then it actually have all 386 Pokemon in the code and FRLG came to allow for a full national dex, which led to it getting some more steam but I argue it wasn't until DP came that more folks got into the series after that backlash, due to the online/Pokemon transfers being established.

I think BW was where this whole fear in GF of appealing to lapsed players came into play, since I vividly remember a lot of stubborn people being pissed by the lack of any pre-Gen V mons in the main story, and some people went on and on about the designs of the new mons. Ever since, I feel GF has been trying to win back the Genwunner crowd in any way possible, either in good ways to make everyone excited (Battle Tree/PWT) or awful pandering ways. (XY Kanto mons, Alolan Forms) That worked with XY and SM both as they brought back a ton of lapsed folks, and SM in particular came out after the Go boom which lead to it selling super well. So pretty much every game sans Gen V has tried to appeal to new players, lapsed players and longtime fans, while BW was more or less meant for new and old folks.

Thanks for the explanation.

We'll see how this game performs, since it might split the fanbase if it succeeds. I mean, if they want a new section of that audience to buy the next game, I do wonder if some features will stay the same. (To be fair not all are bad changes, HM partner seems a worthwhile addition).

IMO and I may be wrong, the games from a distance don't seem to have appealing premises. Unlike other jrpgs, I've never felt Pokémon games tell cohesive stories. It always seem to stumble around several landmarks, gyms and the like to engage in a tournament at the end. Multiplayer looks intimidating since it seems like number crunching is key to build a good team.

All in all it seems to sell regardless of what they do. And I've never felt the fanbase in this case has influence over the fate of this IP. It's been so long I wonder if it'll have a game that breaks the camel's back.

The biggest mystery of the gaming world, how Pokémon's fanbase consistently skews for 18-45 crowd when The Pokémon Company does their damndest to consistently screw over their older fanbase in attempts to grab the attention of the ever fickle Adolescents.

I'm surprised at a ton of the marketing going on for this game, I think they're keeping quiet because they sabotaged the Safari Zone to make that transfer Park for Pokémon GO interaction.

mr life
Wed Nov 14 18 08:44pm
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I feel like that's a little too harsh of a statement but I understand and respect your frustrations.

That's very kind of you, thanks.

I'm very interested to hear what you mean when you say "everything fun got sucked out". I don't agree with much of Masuda's design mindset for the series, it's beginning to show lack of content in favor of other things. But honestly from what I can see, there isn't that much of a change besides the change from EV's to AV's and no wild Pokemon battles save a few. The game is still very much the same.

Do I hope Gen 8 takes all of these ideas? No, I hope they return to traditional ideas and I hope that someone other than Masuda takes the reins and helps the games return to a HGSS style mindset where they want the players to have as much content as possible. But we've known since they unveiled this game that this was going to be a different kind of game than those we've typically gotten, and they assured long time fans that they'd be more interested in the 2019 title.

Actually, I'm almost amazed that people are this upset. While I understand your feelings, the fact of the matter is that you're not a child right now, and kids in this day are not like the kids from my day. From what I've seen children now have much less patience and give up a lot easier than I did when I was a kid. My little sister lost patience with Pokemon Sun and Moon occasionally because she was confused or didn't understand something, games that long time players love to yell at for holding hands too much.

I'm not trying to devalue your opinion, not in the least, you are fine to be upset, I'm just trying to offer a different perspective here, as I see the argument 'If I were a child" far too much, without the proper counterarguments in place.

This whole "children are different from when you & I grew up" argument that I constantly see people spew out is just disheartening and plain ol' stupid (not calling you stupid just sick of seeing this being touted as a positive) when said same people don't even interact with children daily. Children who constantly get frustrated with the simplest things and immediately give up obviously had some terrible child-rearing going on. Children on the most inquisitive and hard-working beings because that is how you develop and learn in this world. I work in Childcare and have for some years, children only do as much as you give them credit for and if you consistently underestimate their confidence with what you think they can't do, then they're believe said dumb words and underperform. I've constantly observed children doing things on adult skill levels that sometimes have me struggling to keep up with them with how well they've exceeded my expectations.
I seem to have gotten away from what matters, no this game isn't anything but insulting trash that dares call it a entry experience for children to take their first Pokémon adventure, when said kids had no issues with Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, friggin Kalos, and Alola!! They were accessible both through their learning the world and the gameplay, and how the game was tailored to take newbies & veterans on an adventure no advanced skills needed. I think co-op is the only reason I'ma play this thing, and is phenomenal for gamer parents to dive into with their kids but they could do oh so better. You also have a game that somehow manages to do less than what previous remakes that came out over a decade prior had, less features and content, and removes 6/7 of a PokéDex! Yes the game has some killer features, that were already in previous games or should've evolved with the franchise but didn't because Junichi Masuda is a fucking lazy sack of shit who nobody challenged due to the massive amounts of money he generates. Hop your way to R/Pokémon for sharper I sighted critiques.

If you wanna enjoy the game, have fun just tryna silence criticisms cause I'm the not the age for said product is insulting. Apologies for the rambling I'm super tired and had a rant. 💦💦

I'm not underestimating a child's ability and you're right when you say "Children who constantly get frustrated with the simplest things and immediately give up obviously had some terrible child-rearing going on". But that just seems to be the case with many children I see now, from experience, I'm glad you've had a different experience, but obviously many parents don't give children the confidence they deserve, and it effects them in other ways. I think dumbing down an experience too much is not good for anyone, however I will say that the game is much less dumbed down than I originally thought.

You're obviously very against this game, and I'm not going to change your opinion, but when I say the game isn't marketed towards you is obviously the truth, you're not the target audience, and it was stated in the official press conference reveal that traditional Pokemon players might not enjoy this title, but they have another title ready for 2019 for those fans.

I'm not trying to silence criticisms as much as offer a different mindset. I have plenty of criticisms of Let's Go for various reasons, but I feel that most of the anger towards the game in general is overblown, and in fact about 80% of the criticism has false facts attached to it. I've seen rants that I agree with, I'm not Masuda's biggest fan but calling him a lazy sack is a bit far in my opinion.

I find the concept of only running into the first generation of Pokemon intriguing as this is almost 100% a remake of Yellow how it was back when original fans played it, and many of my friends are pretty interested in that. I'm much more excited for the 2019 title than this, and I'll have some strong words if they don't do some innovative things, but almost every impression I've heard from long time fans who have played the game is that it exceeded their expectations, and I'm looking forward to playing it later today Smile

Anyways, again, not trying to devalue you opinion, just countering with my own for perspective. Hope you have a good weekend.

Ah if anytime you saw me say you statements I sorta was venting about the annoying people from Reddit I've been clashing with. From your perspective and following opinions I came to the conclusion that you were only stating things from your side sorta like playing Devils advocate and I appreciate that, nobody wants to do this when someone super negative about something they just want to shut them down. So to find someone who is cordial in the face of negativity and respond back in such a manner to promote side conversation it's a quality I've been sorely missing for so long over the Internets, so thank you very much for that. I was super excited following the rumors all the way back to February about how they were remaking Pokemon Yellow my favorite classic Pokemon game (does Pokemon Platinum count as classic? Naaaah I don't think it does I think it counts as modern I'm getting off track) but then when some dude went on a total leak bending streak and said that it was incorporating Pokémon GO mechanics and how Red and Blue weren't even in the game and that you had a whole different new Rival, I was like what even and then they went on to say that it was just a complete remake with nothing new, and then were were multitudes of rumors when this game about how that it was a complete whole new imagination of Kanto and how it was hundreds of years in the future so many mysteries about how the region was devastated and you were playing as the son / daughter of the survivors and all that I guess I finally fell victim to overhyped rumors and I just wanted it to be true. I'm not so much as mad that this game is not targeted to me and I am super not the target for it, I am overly mad at the fact that once again GameFreak takes the lazy as fuck route out and it's still going to generate a shit ton of Revenue going down Nostalgia Avenue for these people who aren't even true fans of Pokémon as they dipped out after day one once Pokemon stop catering to their overly critical stupid overblown wants. I really wanted to like the game, every reveal trailer I gave it a chance but I was let down by everything, until the reveal that they were tying in the Pokémon Special Adventures Manga. Was squealing mashing that replay button.

I'm happy that people are getting back into Pokemon, and that many people are getting to revisit their childhood and that much fun is being had. It just would have been neat that while casual people from all spectrums jumping into this adventure, that we true fans of Pokemon also got something to nibble on while waiting on the true experience next year. That's all I wanted, not setting up for a divided fanbase if this does get its own series down the road. 😔

I will give Game Freak this, at least they didn't fire back and attack their detractors like what Blizzard did with Diablo Immortal

Wed Nov 14 18 08:19pm
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- the pace has been sped up to accommodate the lifestyle of new gamers accustomed to smartphones and YouTube

It's this the same mentality that's been limiting postgame in recent Pokemon titles? Like, I'm may be wrong, but didn't Masuda once say that he doesn't bother with postgame because people are too busy with their phone games? Seriously, I know they said the Lets Go games will be seperate from the traditional mainline games, but still, this sort of mentality is making me worried about the 2019 games.

Yes, that's exactly why ORAS and XY had awful postgames. Ohmori directed ORAS but Masuda was still the one who said that the BF and all the other stuff had to go. They even removed stuff from the middle of the actual game like the Game Corner, Pokeblock Minigame and Safari Zone for no good reason, and dumbing down contest difficulty is what enraged me the most since it ended up failing as an OG RS remake along with failing as a "best of" remake like HGSS was. I've never been so irrationally mad at a video game before I got all 720 pokemon in ORAS, and it's easily the Sonic 06 of the franchise to me and this game seems to follow their same stupid, insulting-to-kids mindset.

SM was a bit better and had a good post story and an excellent post-game facility, but the lack of a national dex infuriated me to no end. Praying that it's in Gen 8 more than anything else right now. I'm so glad Masuda's done as director after this but as long as he's still around in general I fear he may try to influence the newer games like he did with SM by adding shit like the Pokemon camera mode.

At least Kanto isn't something they can screw up as much as Hoenn and they are being more faithful to RBY than ORAS was to RS/E, it seems. (Too much so considering that the original game's lack of a post game is also here, instead of something cool like a pre GSC Johto, but I digress) Still, I'm not gonna get blind faith in Gen 8 until I see a damn national dex and some nice QOL stuff that fixes the few flaws SM had (low FPS in some areas, lack of grinding spots, no cutscene skip, and FINALLY making the game feel like something that won't be thrown away the next year like every game post BW2 has)

Wed Nov 14 18 08:25pm
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I fear for the 2019 game

Wed Nov 14 18 08:47pm
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Thankfully Masuda won't be directing that one.

Wed Nov 14 18 09:08pm
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Why, Switch has turned many series around. We knew Let's Go was gonna be more on the casual side and for the Pokemon Go crowd. 2019 game seems like it has a good chance of being well done but considering we know next to nothing there's no way to say for certain.

Wed Nov 14 18 09:16pm
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I'm glad for this approach of Game Freak (and Nintendo in general) to always worry about family, experiences with friends, this is very cool. While other companies are usually concerned about eSports and micro-transactions. I like how I can find comfort and safety in these games, without worrying about the fun in the games being spoiled because of the profit and other interests of the companies. So thanks Game Freak.

My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Blue and my first playthrough was in a monochromatic Game Boy, you know, that yellowish screen. I have a lot of good memories between nights of discoveries and difficulties to get new batteries for my Game Boy. It was very nice and fun to discover legendary Pokémon like Articuno in an era where the internet was not so common, so many of my friends did not know that cave and that that cave had a special Pokémon there.

Today, at age 30, I'm not a parent, but I would love to play this game with a son/daughter by my side. On the other hand, I have a younger brother, he's 13, and he has always enjoyed watching my battles on tournaments. He tried to play Pokémon FireRed, but had a hard time (and I played Pokémon when I was 8, kids today are very easy mode anyway). I believe this will be the opportunity to share this journey with him.

Wed Nov 14 18 09:21pm
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Aoi Yuuki, Eevee's voice, is the voice actress for the following characters that people might know:

- Sakura Futaba(Persona 5)
- Iris (Pokémon)
- Asui Tsuyu (Boku no Hero Academia)
- Diane (Nanatsu no Taizai)
- Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

Ah yes, the "lifestyle of new gamers accustomed to smartphones and YouTube". That's why Breath of the Wild was such a hit with all ages: it had a nice small world that could be completed quickly, Link got more hearts automatically, and all the battles were pretty much unlosable. Glad Game Freak is following Nintendo's lead there.

So basically Skyward Sword


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