Nintendo Russia CEO caught losing his temper, cursing, and name-calling during a live-stream event

Yasha Haddaji, CEO of Nintendo Russia, is most likely having a very bad day right now. Fans in Russia have been complaining about how Nintendo's products/releases have been handled in the region, and most of them blame Mr. Haddaji. Now thanks to a live-stream recording, we can see that Mr. Haddaji might not be the best for the job.

Nintendo Russia was supposed to be streaming for an event called Level Up Days, and right from the start, you can see that there are issues with the stream. Not too much of a big deal, but then Mr. Haddaji comes onto the stream and starts going a bit crazy. It seems he's unaware that the stream is actually live, which is why he speaks without a filter. He's caught calling other employees names, cursing, and showing a general lack of temperament you would expect of someone in his position.

As of right now, we haven't seen any statements from Nintendo on the matter, but I would imagine one will be released before the week closes out. I'm guessing Nintendo isn't going to stand for this kind of behavior.

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Thu Nov 15 18 12:05am
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In Soviet Russia video games play you.

What is with Nintendo Russia today?

Russia in general right now is going through something.

Well I mean yeah, thats seems to be something else. But I'm just amazed no one at NoE knew about any of this or tried to stop it. NoE, for all of their issues with competition, is at least run very well. This is amazing to watch, imagine if this happened in NoA, and at the same time as Reggie not shipping enough Smash switches because he thinks people don't like the grey joycon. Just wow....

Thu Nov 15 18 12:05am
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In Soviet Russia video games play you.

Thank you for this. You beat me to it

This is what happens when you are in a higher position. You end up with tensions that will result in things like this.

This seems to be a couple years old...

With Switch games on it? How does that work?

A couple years might have been a slight exaggeration... but you can see in the video the date stamp of July 2017.
Chances are this had already been addressed by the heads of Nintendo.
Of anything further comes of it now, they're just catering to the internet masses and playing damage control.

This event is from July, last year.

Seems to me like he's just moaning because something is badly set up and he likely didn't think it was going out live so his comments were made as if he was moaning at someone behind the scenes and basically telling them to get their sh*t together and get it sorted. I don't think that's a big deal at all. Bosses often get annoyed when staff f**k up and tell them, in no kind words, to pull their finger out. And it seems something was a bit disorganized and stuff here, so it's his job to make sure it gets running properly, even if he has to be a bit harsh and critical in order to get people to do their jobs properly. At least that's the impression I'm getting here. We can't all be completely emotionally and verbally controlled robots at all times.

Also, at one point the guy clearly said "Do you understand English?" and the text description in the video said he said "Do you understand any sh*t".

Gotta get that basic stuff correct.

Thu Nov 15 18 08:25am
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Hes a CEO. His job is to stay emotionally controlled at all times.
It was live, it was on him for not knowing and it was on him that he was ridiculing his staff even though they A. Had already fixed prior technical issues and B. Had in turn been doing their job properly.
And if he really wanted to fix an issue, maybe calling your employees retards is a poor way to do it, even idiot would be too much. A. If it was so easy he could do it himself and B. No one is going to work with you if you mock them and they have a desired specialty and C. It just makes you an unlikable person. We never hear things like this happen at NoA or NoE and those divisions are clearly far more successful

Thu Nov 15 18 09:03am
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This is not how the real world works. Sneak a camera into any company to film them behind the scenes and you'll see how the real world works. The guy did not realize he was properly on air, and he acted basically how he would act normally at work. It's that simple. Was it perfect behavior.? Nope. Does this happen at almost every company at times? Absolutely. And you only don't hear about things like this happening at most companies very often because you don't get to go behind the scenes in most companies most of the time. It was a slip where the dude was being the kind of douche that bosses are all the time to employees and contractors, especially during hectic situations, except this time he got caught on camera. He'll probably lose his job for this now--and that's just dumb. Look, see how I said something was dumb during normal human conversation. . . .

Thu Nov 15 18 09:07am
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You forgot the part where he called the guy a retard. Also at no point is it okay to be demeaned. It’d be a little different if he was busting balls but that isn’t what a CEO should be saying to anyone.

Thu Nov 15 18 09:08am
(Updated 2 times)

You'd be rich if you got a dollar every time a boss mumbled off to the side about how much he thought some employee was being a r*tard. It's just a blurt when stuff isn't going as planned. Like "Oh, for f**k sake! The dude is a r*tard. Get this sh*t sorted. We're on air in a second. For Christ's sake!" and that kind of thing. It's just blowing off steam using a few profanities, and it's not meant to be for public consumption. And 99% of the time it's not a concentrated attack right at a particular person in the face either. It's usually said in passing and in frustration, but not like going up to someone and in their face calling them a r*tard. And I kinda doubt it was done like that here also.

Thu Nov 15 18 09:12am
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I’m not saying we don’t all call people dumbasses in real life, I’m saying we usually hold onto that anger and blow it off when we get in our car. Do you think it’s okay to Be belittled at all? Never mind in front of a live audience. This guy should lose his job at the very least.

Thu Nov 15 18 09:14am
(Updated 4 times)

Or when we think no one is really paying attention, which is exactly that I think happened here. I don't think he realized he was being broadcast, and it was just an offhanded comment and a handful of blurts in a moment of frustration. At the very most it was just a blurt without any real hostility or whatever. Again, it happens all the time in workplaces, particularly when there's a certain rapport between a couple of staff and there's some other person bumbling something. Like I said, the guy is now probably going to end up getting fired for this--and that's just dumb of the people that make the decision. Oops! There I go again blurting out some bad thing.

The guy said he’d fire him repeatedly. If you’re being threatened with your job that could be a lawsuit. At least in the US.

Thu Nov 15 18 09:27am
(Updated 1 time)

Then take legal action over that part.

But, again, we all know this happens a lot in high responsibility jobs, whether we like it or not, and often it's even more insidiously implied that said out loud.. But the threat feels just the same to person scared they're going to lose their job.

Anything other than calling this guy into the office and telling him to take a chill pill and watch how he addresses people in the future is a vast overreaction.

It wasn’t an internal issue anymore once it was live streamed. But I still wonder what you do for work? Are you in the US? Perhaps it’s cultural differences that makes you think it’s okay to repeatedly insult people at their job.

I’ve never been talked to at my jobs like that. I’ve had issues where maybe someone called me a dumbass or something when I was a lot younger but you brush that off. This guy kept pushing. That was too much.

Thu Nov 15 18 09:33am
(Updated 3 times)

It's not okay to repeatedly abuse a person at work on multiple different occasions. But, during one hectic situation, where it's clear everything is going wrong, I do think it's perfectly okay for someone to get a bit frustrated and vent a little.

If the guy was basically bullying one member of staff over a course of weeks for no good reason, or he REALLY went off the deep end like Christian Bale did at that guy one time, or something like that, then you maybe take some serious action. But that just wasn't/isn't the case here.

Again, anything other than calling this guy into the office and telling him to take and chill pill and watch how he addresses people in the future is a vast overreaction--and exactly the kind of thing a SJW would push advocate..

Thu Nov 15 18 09:20am
(Updated 1 time)

Also you think I care if you say something is dumb; I don’t. Not every one out is there is a SJW but what’s wrong is wrong. If someone is insulting to you, that person should be repremanded and yes in this case fired.

Thu Nov 15 18 09:24am
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For someone that claims not to be an SJW, your course of action here is perfectly in line with their misguided and over-reactive garbage.

Ooooooor, and hear me out, I’m a decent person.

Fri Nov 16 18 11:50pm
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There's no such thing as an SJW. There are only people who are paranoid that there might be.

Sat Nov 17 18 09:46am
(Updated 2 times)

Well, I'll just post these links here, and you can decided if you're open-minded enough to allow some further evidence to join whatever other evidence and information you have in your head right now:



Because a SJW is really just an alternative name for modern "feminists" and the extreme left and white knights and the like fighting the same misguided fights. So, if you don't believe there's something insidious going on in society right now when prior "feminists" are saying it, I guess you never will. And, clearly, i'm just pointing out one particular area here where the whole "political correctness" sphere and the whole notion of "equality" and "fairness" has become basically absurd.

I don't need videos which undoubtedly make the same mistaken assumption that there's something insidious going on, from someone screaming his position on the extreme right through his continued use of a meaningless acronym.

Sun Nov 18 18 08:00am
(Updated 5 times)

And that right there is why this conversation is likely totally and utterly pointless.

There's so much assumption in that single comment you just made that it's not even funny.

I'm the one guy who's calling for some semblance of actual rationality and understanding in terms of how you deal with situations like these, which you'd see if you actually dropped the dangerous sword of blind righteous justice for a moment. There's nothing at all extreme right in what I've said, just simple human understanding that everyone is fallible, and acting in extremes that demonize and punish people far too harshly for minor issues, because group think has stopped so many people being able to see things for what they are, is part of the problem we're facing in society. No one is thinking for themselves anymore. They're just acting like a mob, and when someone does something even remotely wrong, they want to bring down the full wrath of the Lord upon them without even taking a moment to pause, breath, consider the truth of the situation and then deal with it actually appropriately and dole out a punishment that is genuinely equal to the crime rather than going so far beyond it that it's actually dangerous.

This is precisely why I put in those two links.

The two females in the videos I linked, females who have historically stood up for feminism and left values, are saying far better than I could why coming at stuff from a position of conflict, and also from a position of very much distorted information and bias, as well as overly subjectively emotional and extremely personal perspective, is not going to fix the issues as people see them.

Trying to understand all sides, looking at the actual objective facts of what happened, not getting all emotionally evangelical, trying to be a decent and reasonable and compassionate human being and thinking and acting accordingly, including when it comes to measuring the extent of someone's crime and the level of punishment they deserve--that's the right thing to do here and always.

But, if you only ever want to see one view of things and never ever consider that things might not be so black and white as we have all been led to believe, which is often what happen whichever camp you're in, then don't watch the videos, and there's no further point in us wasting our breath on each other.

You do, however, have a great chance before you not to be that guy right now.



What's the worst that could happen? You watch the videos and come out still thinking I'm a douche. Why not take a risk/chance and just see. I promise, your world will not fall apart as a result of watching these vids and taking the ten or twenty minutes it takes to do so. But, and I know this is crazy, what if there's actually something of genuine value in them? Not a way for one person to win an argument. Not some way to create conflict. You some way to spread hate. Not some way to force wrong beliefs and values upon you. Not one person shouting their one-sided agenda at another. Not someone laughing at or ridiculing you or anyone else. Not something bad---but something pure, and honest, and kind, and compassionate, and loving and good.

What, if all these videos are really saying is this: Nothing will ever get better if we don't start truly, openly, and sincerely listening to and hearing each other.

OK, forget everything else. How about I just give you this gift to show that I actually come in peace, and from a position of genuine kindness and compassion:


And this sentiment is all I'm trying to advocate in situations like the one in the article, even when dealing with people who have done something bad.

Note: The actual words are just a couple of minutes that loop over and over and over, so don't be intimidated by the length.


Don't do that on your livestream set.
Don't do that in front of employees.
Don't call your employees retards, that's a little more than blowing off steam. He was directly calling the person a retard and saying he'd fire him.
Also if you're CEO, understand your employees job before you criticize them. He should have known it was necessarily going to show up if it's live.
And this is not to add how incredibly mismanaged this region of Nintendo is in general.

Thu Nov 15 18 09:20am
(Updated 2 times)

Again, he clearly didn't realize what he was saying was going out live. Clearly.

Again, this kind of blurting out by bosses at whomever has made the mistake happens all the time in the real world, so don't act like it doesn't. Is it correct? No. But, like I said, you can't expect human beings to always act like perfect robots at all times. It's just dumb to imagine they can--even almighty CEOs.

People don't deserve to be fired for simply venting a little bit an an employee making a mistake in a moment of frustration. It's r*tarded to think they do.

Fire someone if they're are constantly and repeatedly verbally abusing staff or something like that. But this one example is not proof that anything like that is the case here.

Just because you didn’t expect it to go out live doesn’t mean he should be given a pass. I have to wonder what you do for work that you think it’s okay to be shitted on.

Thu Nov 15 18 09:27am
(Updated 1 time)

Anything other than calling this guy into the office and telling him to take a chill pill and watch how he addresses people in the future is a vast overreaction.

Thu Nov 15 18 11:54am
(Updated 1 time)

He was on the set of a live stream that was scheduled to be live at the time. Whether or not he thinks it's live, the correct response is to assume its live, not scream at employees while in front of the camera. Also, if this video is to be believed, nearly everyone who leaves the company has bad things to say about him so presumably this isn't uncommon for the company.
The fact that instead of calmly trying to solve the situation and figure all the possibilities where there could be issues, he under pressure of solving a challenge, what he is paid to do, responded by screaming at his employees just shows that he is incredibly unfit for his job.

Well, we know what the correct response would have been, but that's not what happened.

And one more time; Anything other than calling this guy into the office and telling him to take and chill pill and watch how he addresses people in the future is a vast overreaction.

Your interpretation here is clearly the correct one. It's apparent after reading all Impurekind's comments that he must have only worked on a construction site. lol

Thu Nov 15 18 11:07am
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“The true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching.” ― John Wooden

Kart crash TV. Now we have confirmation of who Mario is really based on.

Mother Brussia will take care of this. ;)


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