Nintendo says E3 is an 'outstanding opportunity' to share new games and experiences, confirm E3 2019 presence

While Sony may have bowed out of E3 2019, Nintendo has confirmed that they'll be at the big show next year. They have not detailed specifics, but Reggie Fils-Aime shared a few words on attending E3 in general.

“E3 is an outstanding opportunity for us to share new games and experiences with fans and business partners from across the globe. Every year, we discuss what will be the best way for us to take advantage of the next E3 show in order to bring smiles to people’s faces.”

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Wow, this is the first I've heard that Sony pulled out of E3. That is a HUGE blow and E3 will slowly wither and die.

It sure is bad for E3. VEry so. Seems like all these guys will make their own stuff. Nintendo with their Directs etc...

In the meantime, Sony have said "Hasta la vista!" They're not doing E3 next year. When Nintendo go back to live conferences, ala Twilight Princess reveal, that will be a day to rejoice.

Didn't know Sony was dropping E3 next year. WOWZERS! But yeah, MS did say they will show off the NExtBox next year, so Sony might wait it out and see before they show of the PS5, I guess. Curious what Ninty have up their sleeves.

In the end though: BRING ON THE GAMES!

They said they are making the next Xbox. They will show Xcloud by next year, but no word if Scarlet will show next year. Rumors suggest that it is coming 2020, so if its early 2020 its possible,e but I'd say a late 2019 announcements is the safest bet if its early 2020, 2020 if its later 2020.

I'm pretty sure they were supposed t reveil the NextBox end of next year. Could be wrong, of course. But I am sure that both are being prepared for a showcase pretty soon. E3, or around that time would be pretty good to show something.

Wow, no Sony at E3? That’s a big change. Can’t say I blame them, the expo isn’t a relevant as it used to be and Nintendo proved you can successfully do your own thing. I had big doubts since the first few Directs were awful, but once they got that right I no longer cared about conferences or the show floor presence.

Nintendo have really made their own thing with the Directs. It's like a bunch of E3s several times a year. We di live in the internet era, so it does work good!

They kinda blew their load like 3 years ago. It's telling just how much it takes making a big budget game these days.

This year was my first time on an E3 and will probably be the last.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to enjoy the show and be among gamers, but it’s WAY OVERCROWDED. Maybe the companies are starting to see they can select better and for cheaper the people they want to capitalize on, with their own presentations.

Btw, Nintendo booth was colorful and vivid and it was a joy just to look at it all day long.
Sony’s, on the other hand, was dark and kinda boring.

Back in the day, Sony used to have some really inventive E3 booths. Hell they even had whole featurette about the making of those booths on one of the Playstation Underground discs.

And its a lot more that barely anyone outside the media can go to E3, compared to events like TGS, Gamescom, PAX, and Comic Con.

You know where else was a great place to interact with fans?
PSX. But I guess no announcements was more important than creating an event for fans...

First they cancel the PS Experience and now this. Sony must really be tired of showing the same games year after year. I love my PS4, but I don't think it will get many games in 2019.

I would wait for 2019 and it's news on games. MAybe Son have learned not to tak about games that are far away. I know I am curious as to what Ninty is on for next year! Smile

I would be great if they had learned that lesson. Think next year we get Fire Emblem, Yoshi, NSMBU Dx, Luigi's Mansion 3, Pokémon Gen 8 e Animal Crossing. Quem sabe Metroid Prime 4 e Bayonetta 3. É uma boa lineup e o ano nem começou ainda. :D

For me Bayonetta 3 is, obviously by now, THE most anticipated game on any console. Really hope we get to see something soon. Game Awards would fit good since it was revealed there and it's not too long off from now. It could hit next year. I think it was May of lasy year that latinum said "We’re creating it, you know. I think it’s going to be interesting.", so we know that Bayonetta 3, which is most probably the interesting game they were talking about, has been in development for some time now. It COULD hit next year. I sure hope so!

A rumour once talked about Animal Crossing Switch coming early next year. If Nintendo truly wants to hit that 20 mill Switch units sold for this fiscal year, they should have some big hitters at the beginning of next year. Yoshi seems pretty much finished also. Pokemon and Smash will move units this holliday season, I am sure, but a first quarter of 2019 draught would NOT be good.

I also wonder if Nintendo have some more surprises and if they have been partnering with third parties more.

Oh and.... Retro! Waddup with Retro?

The first quarter has New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe in January. It's a port, but the Switch has proven that ports sell. And this is 2D Mario, which always sells well.
I can see the Switch easily hitting 17 to 18 million this fiscal year, but 20 will be a challenge.
On the software side I see both Pokémon and Smash breaking 10 million by the end of the fiscal year, bringing the Switch to 5 10-million sellers. Splatoon 2 will get there eventually. And Super Mario Party will break the 5 million mark once we have had the joy-con bundle in the market for some time.

I am personally not interested in Bayonetta 3, as I'm not a fan of the genre. But I'm glad it's coming and it's a Switch exclusive.

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Directs are always better than e3 if you ask me.

I’m thinking Sony might have backed themselves into a corner. The next PlayStation is surely around the bend but the PS4 is still doing remarkably well so showing off the new console early would put a dent in that momentum. If PS5 is a 2019 or 2020 release it makes sense for them to have their big studios working on games for that so they can make a compelling case for it when it releases, but obviously that means a thin schedule for PS4 going forward. If they’d focus on PS4 big hitters it’ll probably just be Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima again from the first party side, unless they have anything else noteworthy up their sleeves. This years E3 was pretty poor for Sony with their focus on 4 games so if they aren’t planning on moving on from PS4 soon it’s only going to be an even more paltry showing.

I just can’t see why else they’d skip it. Even with Nintendo establishing that they can have Directs whenever they want and how successful those shows are, they still have a big showing at E3 because it’s a great way to make a splash when all eyes are on the industry at that time of year. E3 isn’t as important as it once was but that’s not to say it isn’t significant any more.

Fri Nov 16 18 09:16am
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I love how almost all the comment-chain-starting comments for this news post are about something that is directly not related to the statement released by Nintendo from this post.

But aye, if you can't beat 'em,...
(not mine, obvs, but the dude kicks some ass in general!)

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