Japan - Day 1 sales details (Luigi's Mansion, RPG Maker MV Trinity, and more)

Time to take another look at the day-one sell through rates for multiple titles in Japan. Have a look at a recent slew of games below.

RPG Maker MV Trinity

- 20%
- rather low debut
- Switch version sold better than PS4

Gesshizu: Gajigaji Nakama wo Sodateyou

- Extremely poor debut

Sports Party (Ubisoft)

- extremely poor debut

Legendary Fishing

- extremely poor debut

Luigi's Mansion

- 20%
- Low sell-through

Pikachin-Kit: Game de Pirameki Daisakusen! (FuRyu)

- less than 10%
- terrible performance
- lower than your average FuRyu licenced game

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Guess it wasn't payday in Japan

That’s actually true. Salaried employees get paid monthly on the 25th in Japan. That’s why many Japanese-published games usually release at the end of the month. Though with worldwide releases nowadays, that’s not as common since North America is the dominant market for console games (which include most JRPGs too).

So, they don't get paid twice a month like the US do?

I get paid once a month here in Ireland too (from a U.S. company). My colleagues in the U.S. get paid monthly also. It varies from company to company and country to country.

I see. That is good to know

Nope. Japanese salaried employees get handed a small envelope with it on the 25th and that’s it for a month. I barely budget biweekly, so I dunno what happens when funds run dry on week three there.

They are like us where it feels like a holiday when it happens and treat themselves at that day/weekend. That’s mainly because of a lot of anticipation.

Fri Nov 16 18 09:38pm
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If these are digital, why is there a % amount?

It's still so strange that 3DS is the focus of LM1. Considering the sequel is coming out on Switch. Even I have to admit it's showing it's age as a system.

I think it's because it was started by Grezzo before Nintendo knew how successful the Switch would be and it was too late to retool it to Switch. Maybe it'll still happen but it seems built to make the most out of the 3ds.

I've been saying this for some time, that software sales in general in Japan are really poor. There's the exceptions from major franchises. But usually they're bad, Switch is selling good hardware numbers every week but take that out and it shows what a bad state Japan is in. Luigi’s Mansion got to number 1 in Japan this week, that's great, you'd think, but it sold something like 27,000 copies. That's awful. And if the Switch wasn't a handheld, it too would be in the gutter.

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