The head of Xbox shares his excitement for Civilization VI on Switch

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has shared some love for Nintendo and the Switch in the past. Seems those comments were pretty genuine! Mr. Spencer couldn't help himself when it came to Civilization VI on the Switch, as it seems he'll be picking up the game for himself. It's definitely a great game to keep you busy while traveling!

Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

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Seems to me like he actually means it and uses it as PR (the PR talk being the nice guy and multiplat enthusiast, unlike Sony is lately).

Have been contemplating the game a bit myself. I sure loved the first one at least.

Competition is always a healthy thing. It means we get diversity in games.

But really Phil...why aren't you getting the point that Xbox BADLY needs first party games? Sony and Nintendo get that but why not you?

Sat Nov 17 18 01:41pm
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He has gotten the point. They've been buying up studios left and right. They're not gonna release games overnight, but they're working on it.

They don't need buying studios because they already have their own game division as well as rare. Buying more studios at this point seems like a time waste.

They're literally working on the problem you mentioned, and yet they're solution is a time waste to you.

Sure pal, whatever you say.

Their "game division" is a publisher, not a developer. Rare is, if Sea of Thieves is anything to go by, not well ran and currently very inexperienced. Most 90s Rare employees left that company last decade.

I mean, sure, they just spent a massive amount of money purchasing/expanding 7 studios in order to rapidly increase their first party capabilities, but why can't those studios make games in only 6 months!!!

Because they are LAZY! Smile

Sorry, not sorry!

Graeme Boyd is also a Microsoft employee.

... You know what? I wouldn't be against Microsoft and Nintendo teaming up...

I would. They are just two very different philosophies and it wouldn't work in the end. They tried once!

Civ 6 is really good on Switch too. There’s a real clock on the corner to remind people what time it is. I started at 7PM last night and was going on a single round until like 2AM, just watching those hours tick away lol.

That’s Civ for ya. It’s basically time travelling software. You launch it and before you know it, you’re several hours in the future!!

i dont even know what the hell he looks like in that picture........... drunken frat boy?

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