Nintendo Russia CEO being accused of abuse, blackmailing, and more

I don't want to get into the specifics of these accusations, as we cannot speak to the validity of them. What we can tell you is that ever since Nintendo Russia CEO Yasha Haddaji was caught being extremely unprofessional on an official Nintendo live-stream, it seems people are coming out of the woodwork to share their stories about Haddaji's incompetence. Tales of abuse, sexual harassment, blackmail, and so much more have surfaced. If you want to see more information on what those claims are, you can check out the article right here.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up.

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Sat Nov 17 18 01:16pm
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How did Nintendo let this mofo work there?

Sat Nov 17 18 01:41pm
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Do you really think they knew he was a dick when they hired him? I mean, for all we we know, Reggie can be an ass also, but he does his job as a pro (not saying he is, but trying to get my point through here). This guy did not.

That's what background checks are for

Sat Nov 17 18 07:26pm
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Even those can fail
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Backround checks can not reveal eveeything about a person....

Sun Nov 18 18 01:10am
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Background checks are for criminal histories. Last I checked, being a colossal douche, in of itself, wasn't a crime.

That's unfortunate.

Sat Nov 17 18 01:16pm
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Ok..I thought this guy had some personal problems but now I can agree with everyone that this guy needs to be fired.

Also...Nintendo of Russia. Never was aware of it until now. Heck even Nintendo regions did not specify Russia for whatever reason.

Denis Dyack eat your heart out.

See that dot on Haddaji's forehead? That's Nintendo's snipers lining up the shot to take this guy out. Not a chance will he be working for Nintendo at the end of their investigation.

Sun Nov 18 18 05:11pm
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Surprised that the article wasn’t from Kotaku. How long before Jason starts investigating?

This individual makes Nintendo look horrible and amateur. That stream in question was ridiculous; it’s something that if it ever happened here, the person would be fired the very next day.

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