Nintendo requested a playable demo of Darksiders II for E3 2011, and then ended up never showcasing it

When Nintendo showed the Wii U at E3 2011, Darksiders II was announced as one of the games coming to the platform. This game was showcased during Nintendo's presentation, but it turns out there was actually supposed to be a demo of the game on E3's show floor. During a recent episode of the Game Informer podcast, developer David Adams discussed how his team worked their butts off to get together a playable demo at Nintendo's request, which ended up never being shown to the public.

“That was interesting. Nintendo came to us and said, ‘Hey, can you put this on Wii U? And we’ll show you in the press conference.’ Or when they announced the Wii U. And so we actually said, ‘I mean, we’ll give it a shot.’ I actually helped on that too, because I used to be a programmer. So it was me, our tech director, and our graphics programmer and we all piled into an office and worked on it for like a month and got it all up and running. And then that didn’t last… well actually, Nintendo was going to show it at their booth, and at the last minute they were like, ‘Eh, nevermind.’ But they still showed it in their press conference, so that’s cool. They were like, ‘Just kidding!’ We were working until like middle of the night, every night trying to get it working on the Wii U.”

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It's funny how sure you are and feel you know what happened just based on this one brief recount.

If it makes them feel any better, I adored Darksiders II on Wii U. I'm replaying it now via the PS4 version to be ready for Darksiders III, and I definitely miss having the gamepad for inventory and maps. Right up there with Okami in the category of "best non-Zelda Zelda games."

Wow, dick move Nintendo. Demos take a lot of work, so that’s a real slap in the face to ask for one and never use it. I wouldn’t be surprised if THQ didn’t release any Wii U games after that. Well, even if Wii U wasn’t a complete dumpster fire.

Well, they didn't release any more Wii U games. You know... since they went bankrupt.

*Insert sad trombone sound here*

Sun Nov 18 18 03:07am
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I liked it too but I wonder how well it ran after just a month of work, considering the shipping product was plagued with technical issues such as constant screen tearing, long load times and sometimes running across a wide open plain resulted in the game having to pause to finish loading the rest of the area.

One has to wonder how well that e3 demo ran then cause if it was far from running well enough, that would be reason enough not to show it so as to not tarnish the image of a system that was already gonna be underpowereed right out of the gate

Wasn't that the year they only had technical demos of the Wii U? Like no actual games were even on the floor that year.

Still, kind of a dick move on Nintendos part

That's really poor form on Nintendo's part.

I think this is the epitomy of Nintendo’s Pre-Release for Wii U. Just plenty of mixed messages and a few red herrengs.

I like the original Darksiders way better than the second one.

When you treat 3rd parties like crap, you get no support.

I'd be interested to hear Nintendo's side of this story.

Uhhh... no... I don't think there are sides here.
Nintendo MARKETING wasted this studios time because they are a MARKETING department who doesn't understand game development.

It's funny how sure you are and feel you know what happened just based on this one brief recount.

There is no aggression in this recount though. Its giving objective information. Nintendo asked for an E3 demo and decided against using it. That's on them, its not their job to understand game development, E3 is handled by a marketing division at Nintendo, not developers. Should they better understand development, maybe, and maybe they did, maybe the demo was just poor, though I have played the game on Wii U and it runs fine, but I don't really think there are sides. Nintendo didn't actually have any games playable for E3 2011, they had tech demos. Some of those turned into games, NSMBU and Nintendo Land, but it was likely just that they weren't ready to show off final games at the event last minute.

Did they waste their time? Sure, the demo wasn't used. But I wasn't necessarily saying it was their fault. Do I 100% know what happened at that time, no, will we, no, theres no reason for Nintendo to point it out and I would be they have forgotten already considering how many times that happens with development, according to interviews. But, based on the surrounding timeframe, such as what Nintendo DID have at E3 2011, its a safe assumption.

Yeah I would love to hear Nintendo's angle on this also and the reason behind this before I talk shit about them. But this sure dies send a bad signal to 3rd parties. Seems like they have learned a lot from the U's mistakes. The Switch truly is a success.

Not only would I love to hear Nintendo's version of events (which will never happen, because that's not how they do business), but I remember reading an interview with someone from Vigil who basically said he was thankful he wasn't on the team stuck developing for the Wii U, such a dismissive attitude that I wonder how common it was in the studio as a whole. Consequently I'm skeptical that Vigil's account is unbiased.

I'm also surprised how readily people at a fan site accept uncorroborated reports critical of what they're allegedly a fan of. I'm not saying to always believe Nintendo has acted properly, but it's a bit ridiculous to never believe it.

*sigh*...yes, hating on Nintendo IS a trend. Just look at GN.com. I mean, I don't trust PR talk EVER. Not Reggie either, since he is all PR, but hating just for the cause of hating is getting so damn childish by now. I like it best when people take awaypersonal bias and focus on the point, as may here do, but can't win 'em all.

Sucks we will never get the entire story. Then again there will be more than 20 characters per post on here with ease ;)

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo's event marketing has 0 idea what actual game development takes, how difficult it is to make a demo build of an incomplete game. And I'd probably throw that ar Sony and Microsoft as well. The difference here being their previous consoles weren't using an architure that stopped being used 6 years prior.

Wow talk about foreshadowing

I hope these games make it someday to the switch, would love to replay them.

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