NPD analyst says Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee public reaction 'better than anticipated'

As NDP analyst Mat Piscatella says above, Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee is the most important launch of the year. This is the Switch game that can break out of the hardcore circle of gaming to reach an expanded audience. It seems the game is off to a good start so far, which is definitely what fans want to hear. I'm sure Nintendo is happy about that as well!


It's safe to say that the brand in itself would sell this game like crazy. And the Switch is pretty famous a console. And PokeGo got a lot of new fans into the franchise and the Let's Go games are tailored for them.

Is this a surprise?

All that pre-planning takes work. It's not an accident everything is lined up the way it is.

Of course not. Wasn't even hinting at that. The oddity with this game/these games is that even I want a copy, but can't decide if I want Eevee or Pikachu, and I only like Pokemon from Smahs Bros. They really did something special with this game.

They made it tough. I can't decide either. I want to try Eevee but I have so much on my plate already.

Gah. Still have to play through XBC2 and 8path Trveler... Oh and stuff on PS4....And PC... Dammit!

Personally, I went with Eevee. My thought process is that this is more or less a remake of Pokémon Yellow, and having never played it I still want to play Yellow in its original form, which for all intents and purposes is like choosing the Pikachu version here. Therefore, Eevee would be the more unique choice.

Although, having read a few weeks ago that the Eevee version was almost going to be Let's Go, Psyduck, I'm utterly gutted that didn't happen, since Psyduck is my favorite Pokémon.

Hehe. I know which one Psyduck is. He funny =)

How many people really cared enough about Poke Go that they would rush over to Pokemon Lets Go (compared to the people who rushed to Sun&Moon, which was definitely there but far smaller than Nintendo needs for Lets Go)
How well did Nintendo do selling that audience on Lets Go?
If the game sucked, which luckily it different but at first it was a genuine concern, would core Pokemon fans really want to play casual Pokemon? And even then, I feel that a lot of core Pokemon fans see that the game is fun but aren't interested in Gen 8. And maybe RPG fans who havent played a Pokemon before are waiting for gen 8.

That last point is very important. The more this game appeals to Go fans and less to more core fans and RPG fans the better. If they can sell a lot of systems on Go fans and not core fans this year, that leaves a lot of potential hardware sales for next year for Gen 8.

From an article here on GN plenty of folks from the PokeGo fanbase were planning to get the let's go games. More then people thought, really. And even the "hardcore!" fans seem to be looking at the game(s) since it's not so "casual" as they first thought. And then the Switch's success is a factor and, as said, and of course, the "Pokemon" brand in itself is HUGE! I am no analyst, but I kinda saw this game selling damn good for the reasons above.

I mean thats a small sample size to base a greater fanbase's reactions off of.
Of course there are plenty of fans who are buying the game, its selling very well, and I've seen plenty of prior Pokemon fans playing it online. But look at metacritic and other places, there are still plenty of hardcore fans who are waiting out for 2019. Of course the review bombing on metacritic is unwarranted by all accounts, and childish, but it is good evidence that not everyone is into this game. I've also seen people online, such as YouTube, who aren't getting the game for far more mature and reasonable reasons, ie Kyle Bosman (Easy Allies).

A successful Pokemon Let's Go is going to be far more advantageous to getting to that 20 million Switches mark than Smash IMO... less successful, lets hope Smash does very very well

Sun Nov 18 18 03:51pm
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This is no surprise. Yes, there have been some people talking badly about the game, but these people have not played the game and they are determined to not play the game even before the game was released or receive some trailers -- so, this is not about the game being good or bad, how they claim.

These people, who call themselves "hardcore gamers", are often insecure about many things in life and especially about their "identity as gamers". So they get offended if someone says that "games are childish" or "this game is silly". They want to be "legit" about ... video games. It's a very intense and unhealthy approach.

I understand that their discrimination with the game is due to the influences of the mobile game, and between us, smartphone is not the reference platform for quality games, just like Facebook and similar sites. So, in a nutshell, the fear of these people is not that game is a setback (even because it's a huge breakthrough, other companies would have packed this with micro-transactions), but it's the fear that they could be seen as gamers on the same level of a "mobile game player", which group they consider inferior.

At the end of day, this group is a vocal minority. We did not see this negative repercussion on "YouTube likes" in the Let's Go trailers. We did not see that negative repercussion outside of the very Pokémon niche. It may seem like it's a lot of people talking, but it's not.

Yet people downvote a story about a Nintendo (mostly) first party Switch game doing well. It’s just downright dumb. If you don’t like a game that’s fine, but being against any games success is asinine, childish and dumb.

I was not planning on getting either version. I was convinced I’d skip out on these. But the overall positive reception and general zeitgeist had me feeling left out lol.

All of the fun moments, photos, and the like being shared on Twitter and elsewhere changed my perception completely.

Kudos, I guess? Happy for those that wanna play this.

Sun Nov 18 18 08:04pm
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I’m not a Pokemon fan but I actually considered this one. Some of us might want a more casual experience, which isn’t a problem as long as the serious Pokefans get the mainline game they want.

I kind of have to question the assessment of Let's Go as the most important launch of the year, considering Red Dead Redemption 2 had the biggest media launch of all time and has sold nearly 20 million copies in two weeks. And I say this as someone who didn't even buy RDR2.

The thing is RDR2 is a big seller, but it isn't really "important" because it doesn't change anything for the market. It's multiplatform between 2 (relatively old and widespread) consoles and PC, and it's selling to exactly the same audiences that brought success to GTA IV and V.

Let's Go is exclusive to one (even still relatively new) console, so it can work as a serious system seller, and it's a game that is supposed to get the Pokemon Go fans to buy consoles and retail games again.

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