Best Buy offering Hollow Knight digital code + plush bundle

While hope for a retail release for Hollow Knight on Switch has been put on hold in recent weeks, there's still a neat option available from Best Buy. You can scoop up a digital version of the game, and grab a plush doll while you're at it! If that's something that tickles your fancy, you can grab it right here.

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Not the same. Not the same...

Actually they are. A physical game is digital code on a storage device, and a digital game is...digital code on a storage device.

Mon Nov 19 18 02:18pm
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Difference is between 'being inside a dedicated storage device for that one game' and just... having it on your system's hard drive. Which if it breaks when the related online stores come to an end, I've lost my purchase for good.

If I was content with your "they're actually both the same" definition, I would have literally gone out of my way to print a mockup cover art for one empty Switch shellcase, slap in some photoshopped imagery and call it a day... Putting all the eggs inside one basket is definitely not my way to go on gaming, if you catch my drift.

So download your games to an SD card. Then when your hard drive breaks you can still play all your games. Of course you'll lose your save data, but that would be true for your physical games too. Still the same.

Also, you can download digital games to multiple SD cards, so you're not putting all your eggs in one basket, you're putting all of them into many baskets. The only way to do that for physical games is to buy multiple copies. So I guess you're right, digital and physical are different. My bad.

Tue Nov 20 18 04:04am
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The band-aid solution you suggested will still prove itself ineffective if that scenario I profiled you in my first reply arises: your original gaming system breaks down for good and its related online shop outlet in question closes down.

Moving your games to other memory devices means squat if a brand new console won't let you play your legally-purchased game from your old system, as long as these are ID-linked to the original system/shop account/other online profile you used to purchase it.

I'm bringing this up, as this scenario is about to become a concrete reality for the Nintendo Wii, with its Wii Shop entirely shutting down for good. A dedicated game card/CD can effectively outlive these kinds of situations. But please, do go on telling me how physical and digital games are the exact same thing. My sides are about to drink some fresh water from Mars!

Tue Nov 20 18 10:17am
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You're right, they're different. My Wii might eventually break and I'll lose all those games. I'll just go buy a new Wii. Oh wait, that's kinda like buying a new VCR nowadays...

Tue Nov 20 18 11:57am
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You must be such an expert of climbing up mirrors, aren't you? Even when confronted with something that can provably void your claim, you're still up and running like I've been scraping the bottom of the barrel... You do you, I guess.

(and thanks again for the laughs!)

Are you trying not to get my point or does it just come naturally?

And what does "climbing up mirrors" even mean? Talk about a claim which is voided from the outset.

Wed Nov 21 18 02:34pm
(Updated 5 times)

For the latter, it's a figure of speech. At the time I used my country's version of it but I believe that 'grasping at straws' is the English equal to it. And for the former... who's shifting the topic's point again?

Up until my 2nd-to-last reply to you, I did nothing but to state what I think about the "are physical/digital game mediums to be considered the same" topic we were talking about; after what I said there, not having other things to say to make my point across, I ended with some snark just like you did in your ealrier reply. Your retort to that message, however, was doubling-up on your snark... not about what I said last... but around a slight shift on the topic, basically with you going "Well, not that this really matters, as the console you brought up as an example is becoming old gear that's hard to find"...

...which not only was a frail attempt to shift topic with something, but it was also yourself failing to come across the thing that is at the heart of the problem, and why I truly think the two things are not the same. Modern systems' online outlets don't last forever. Game carts/CDs released before such online outlets have already outlived certain online distribution services. Your retort starting with 'My Wii might eventually break and I'll lose all those games. I'll just go buy a new Wii.' proves that you have not paid enough attention to the very same reply you were replying to, and now you come here to to tell me that I'm not trying to get your point?!

I got your point about a day ago, alright. You're a glorious lolcow that keeps on giving. Please, have mercy of me- my handkerchief supply is about to be over!

I was hoping for a Grub plush. (I heard they are making some that will make the noises!!)

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