Super Nintendo World construction making progress at Universal Studios Hollywood

It's going to be a slow-and-steady sort of situation when it comes to watching Super Nintendo World being built, but any progress is good progress. The foundation for the attractions has now been laid, and gives us a better idea of how things are going to be laid out. I can't wait until we start to see some of the acting branding and attractions themselves, but it's going to be quite some time until we get a look at that.

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Way faster than marvel land at DCA (disney california adventure) disney started first but universal is further ahead.

Between this and the Star Wars land at Disney..... my wallet is going to hurt. So exciting though!

I'm glad I have an annual pass for Disneyland and every year my wife's job has their company picnic at universal studios.

Nice, so you’re all set. I used to have Disneyland annual pass (I lived down the street). Might need to renew that - so expensive though.

We used to buy the premium pass for $650 each back in 2012. Now they are $1199.

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